How to make Authentic Puerto Rican Mofongo

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 31, 2013
  • Hi and welcome to my channel. This part of the series of Authentic Puerto RIcan cooking.Today I made mofongo. With only a few ingredients, you have a yummy dish! It can be filled with seafood or meat and be a complete meal, or it can served as a side dish. Like, comment and SUBSCRIBE.
    Buen Provecho!

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  • TripAffleck


     2 days ago

    i love the burner covers.

  • Judy Rosario

    Judy Rosario

     3 days ago

    I rather put fresh garlic 🧄 in mayo ketchup....I’m just saying 😊

  • Judy Rosario

    Judy Rosario

     3 days ago

    Hi, don’t u think it’s better to boil the plantains ? If I make this dish I will boil them ... I’m just saying 🤩



     5 days ago

    Thank you so much I always watching your video I’m from korea and I’m married Puertorican .i start learning about pr food

  • Mm M

    Mm M

     6 days ago

    Mofongo is bolón de verde in Ecuador

  • Amy r

    Amy r

     14 days ago

    Me encanta!! Los voy hacer pronto. Mmmmm

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Antonio Gonzalez

     21 days ago

    Love it 💕💕💕

  • Alan Pastor

    Alan Pastor

     1 months ago

    Que basura de mofongo...



     1 months ago

    Plantain Panama Style......Viva Panama....

  • Clyde Pereira

    Clyde Pereira

     1 months ago

    is there a dish using potato instead of the green banana?

  • Jean Toussaint

    Jean Toussaint

     1 months ago

    You guys makes me hungry!
    Yummy in my tummy!

  • bulldogdave


     1 months ago

    A tip: before peeling them, put them in warm water to soak for few minutes and you can peel them off a lot easier. I don't even use knife to peel them at that point.

  • Leti.G.


     2 months ago

    Delicious mofono!!😋 I love tostones puertorican dishes are the soul food for Latinos Mexican dishes as well but puertorican are my favorite because I don’t like spicy food.

  • MJ Z

    MJ Z

     2 months ago

    Never had it. Looks interesting. Do you have to fry? Is there another method that would yield less calories and fat tho? I also wouldn’t add chicharrón or meat cause I just don’t eat meat. Any suggestions for other than meat additions?

  • Curliegirlie 143

    Curliegirlie 143

     2 months ago

    You're so relatable. I feel at home watching your videos. And I have the same stove as you so I know my dishes will come out similar to yours.

  • Caribbean breeze

    Caribbean breeze

     2 months ago

    Theres nothing better than a real mofongo. 😋 yummy

  • Elizabeth Toledo

    Elizabeth Toledo

     2 months ago

    What is the rest of the food on the plate next to the rice

  • Biracial Baby

    Biracial Baby

     2 months ago

    I love mofongo

  • Puertorican / Filipina Adventures

    Puertorican / Filipina Adventures

     2 months ago

    My favorite and my filipina wife love it also . Good job

  • Celli B.

    Celli B.

     2 months ago

    I love my mofongo served with pollo guisao yum