Jodie Foster Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
  • 'Hotel Artemis' star Jodie Foster takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. How old was Jodie when she filmed 'Taxi Driver'? Is she married to Mel Gibson? How many Oscars does she have? Does she have children? An accent? Siblings? Is she vegan? Is she a genius? What's her IQ? Was she ever on the show 'Bonanza'? What about "Gunsmoke"? How about "Bad News Bears"? Wasn't she on "Seinfeld"? What's her real name?Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► ABOUT WIREDWIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture.Jodie Foster Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • tyrone loki

     7 months ago

    she is like that cool aunt you ask for advice

  • TheReal FakeCaptain

     2 days ago

    @Gabor Pete "the cool goddess you are trying to lay" oh gawd... No ! NO ! NOOOooOoOoO !

  • All_is_1

     20 days ago

    Mommy, why doesn’t auntie Jodie have a husband?

  • kstreet

     1 years ago

    "Thanks for thinking of me [when people Google]" - what an adorable thing to say, ha

  • B

     10 months ago

    2nd that.

  • Numba Juan

     9 months ago

    No wonder people Google her IQ. The way she responds to the questions is perfect. Beaut of a lady. Juss a beaut.

  • J Sharp

     3 months ago

    She's always been reported as having a high IQ. But she never directly responds to it. Because she's smart.

  • Alex Amanda

     11 months ago

    "I opened my mouth and it comes out" lol love it

  • Ville Metsola

     1 years ago

    She seems a lot smarter than most Hollywood actors.

  • Stuart Wayne

     5 days ago

    What do you mean "seems"?

  • RunFor OurLives

     2 months ago

    Paul Austin I’ve pretty sure she’s above 140

  • m

     1 years ago

    is jodie foster a genius? is that even a question! ofc!

  • David Ortiz


    @John Akin I like how she doesn't know her iq but random strangers on the internet do

  • John Johnson

     21 days ago

    @Jane Doe You sound like a simple-minded hallmark card.

  • Michael King

     a years ago

    She's lovely. Nothing seems fake about her like a lot of the other people I see on here

  • DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG

     12 months ago

    This is what people are like when they don't do social media- you know, engaging and intelligent....

  • Diet Glue

     2 months ago

    DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG silence liberal

  • Arthur Morgan

     2 months ago

    @Morgana Dutra yup

  • The anonymous Girl

     6 months ago

    J'ai été choquée comment sa voix a changé quand elle a parlé français 😂

  • TheReal FakeCaptain

     2 days ago

    @Kathulhu "ça fait sens" OU "ça a du sens" :)

  • Timmynator

     17 days ago

    Pareil! XD ma voix devient encore plus grave quand je parle anglais

  • Ange Alexiel

     5 months ago

    her IQ is surely more than 150...

  • AllSeeingEye ofGod

     20 days ago

    @red rosé "WHO IS MY DADDY ??? " ask Jodie's boys.... ANSWER ; You will NEVER know him, and I , Jodie, consider Father-hood to be UNIMPORTANT... It is not difficult, to identify the Evil, in Homosexual Lifestyle...