Tree Saddle Demo Climb With Aider Use

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • Go farther, hunt deeper, and trek lighter while enjoying all-day comfort with today's newest saddle-hunting gear tactics.

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  • Bowhunter TV

    Bowhunter TV

     3 days ago

    For those asking, here is a complete list of gear being utilized in this video. 

    Beast Gear Sticks:
    Tethrd Saddle, Mantis Platform, Accessories:
    Aero Hunter Saddles & Accessories:
    Alps Packs:
    Climbing-rated tubular strapping:
    Amsteel ¼” Rope:
    Gear Strap:
    Bow Holder:
    Bow Hoist:
    Tying Amsteel Rope for Sticks: &

  • brook morgan

    brook morgan


    Neat set up, great instruction. A climber seems faster to me though.

  • Tom S

    Tom S

     3 days ago

    Wow. Seems like a lot of work.

  • The Last Viking

    The Last Viking

     4 days ago


  • Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson

     5 days ago

    You are complaining about the excess weight of a climber but completely oblivious to the fact that you have to drag a 200 pound buck out of the woods; in my case by my self. For those that complain about 20 pounds I will not understand.

  • Jimmie Mosley

    Jimmie Mosley

     7 days ago

    Mike how many years are the saddles mfg safely dated for?? 5 yrs??

  • marine919


     7 days ago +1

    I'm sure the saddle is a great climbing tool,but @ 71 years of age ,I have no problem walking 3 or 4 miles with a Summit Goliath stand on my back to bow hunt public land .I was deer hunting before the Baker climber was on the market in my area ,you hugged the tree and pulled your feet up,many of the old timers thought they were widow makers and wouldn't use those contraptions .

  • Joe B.

    Joe B.

     7 days ago +1

    Just use a climber. Do not need all that extra mumbo jumbo.

  • PatRiot104


     7 days ago

    I've been using a Summit Goliath since 2004 and my biggest complaint is, it's too comfortable. I have a tendency to snooze. It's a big aluminum stand, with a large platform and a padded seat. Walking in and out of the woods, I wear my climber on my back and use it like a pack frame with my hunting gear attached to it. Both of my hands are free to handle my weapon. The tree you're climbing in this video would not pose an issue for my climber.

  • dhiumtw7


     7 days ago +1

    to much time, equipment, and ropes for me.......I could have already been up the tree and set up long before this climb....however if it works for him, so be it

  • Pierre Gagne

    Pierre Gagne

     7 days ago +1

    Wow, nice demo with great videography.
    I would like to see how this could work with heavy winter clothing.

  • Brandon Kaercher

    Brandon Kaercher

     14 days ago +6

    In the time he does all that I would already be 20 feet off the ground with my climber.

  • Dean Wilkinson

    Dean Wilkinson

     14 days ago

    This is really cool, but more work than I would like to sweat to achieve in the dark. I typically hunt places that I've never scouted physically because I use aerial photographs to choose my initial hunt locations. This is the best way I have found to not alert deer to my presence. It has worked for me time after time. I have found that I cannot alert deer in any other way. This looks like I would be alerting every animal within a mile of me being there.

  • Dan Cross

    Dan Cross

     14 days ago

    This is a great video; hugely informative. Thanks for that! I can't believe I hadn't heard about saddle hunting before: this is so much closer to the way that I WANT to hunt than using a treestand.

    If I can ask, what's that sleeve over your lineman's belt? I don't think I've seen that before in other videos.

    Thanks again!

  • Brent Mortimer

    Brent Mortimer

     14 days ago

    Ozonics. I have some waterfront property in Arizona for you.

  • Mark Williamson

    Mark Williamson

     14 days ago

    WTF......get a ground blind!!!!

  • Gerald Tuck

    Gerald Tuck

     14 days ago

    To complicated. Sorry

  • mid life livin

    mid life livin

     14 days ago

    Great vid. Still debating to give up my portable tree stand and switch to a saddle. Happy hunting

  • You Tuber

    You Tuber

     14 days ago

    Drop any of that shit when you're at the top of the tree and you're fucked with no way down.

  • Brian Maliha

    Brian Maliha

     21 days ago +1

    How about a link to all the gear used instead of a list of songs that nobody gives a damn about?