Hand Made Drum Carder As A Present For My Girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  • I took a bit of time off from working on the workshop to make this drumb carder for dot. Dot has been getting in to spinning wool but the carding process is quite time consuming. we visited a wool museum and it inspired me to make a machine to do it. Hope you enjoy

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/1fSz5IuGTNg


  • Renate Siebke

    Renate Siebke

     12 hours ago

    I want one of those too, that carder is so cool, it would make my life/hobby so much easier!
    Letting go instead of pulling at the fiber when you feed it in, will make the process much smoother, it will not get atached to the smaller drum... And processing it twice or even three times sounds pretty normal to me! Next you will have to build an E-Spinner....

  • lessevdoolbretsim


     13 hours ago

    You can make Tina Turner wigs.

  • radcow



    Congratulations on the viral video

  • Ramona Kruger

    Ramona Kruger


    Reading some of these comments, looks like you are outvoted and should make Dot a spinning wheel. If I subscribe would you? And she can make a video using the spinning wheel and I will subscribe to that too! You are talented.

  • Marcus Lett

    Marcus Lett

     2 days ago

    You should. Own your own furniture store selling your product man you good at what u do good job

  • David Cheetham

    David Cheetham

     3 days ago

    Chow to make a paint coppery

  • wajid latif

    wajid latif

     5 days ago

    wow very good idea

  • Да Да

    Да Да

     5 days ago


  • 東恩納寛義


     5 days ago


  • сергей пак

    сергей пак

     6 days ago

    пришлю нержавейку даром

  • Ron Miller

    Ron Miller

     7 days ago

    Very nice . That is so cool.

  • Florida Salon

    Florida Salon

     7 days ago

    Good man. Lucky girlfriend.God Bless you both.

  • Rupert the Bear

    Rupert the Bear

     7 days ago

    lovely cottage---is that in UK ?

  • dr z

    dr z

     7 days ago

    If you had a lathe, why not just start with a log or something instead of gluing all those separate pieces together that went onto a lathe anyway?

  • dusty rhoads

    dusty rhoads

     7 days ago

    Great job!! What part of the world do you reside??

  • dusty rhoads

    dusty rhoads

     7 days ago

    Making a tupae for the women’s crotch??

  • Дмитрий Хук

    Дмитрий Хук

     7 days ago

    жесточайшая эпидерсия!!!!

  • Kathryn Newton

    Kathryn Newton

     7 days ago

    Oh now I see! Excuse my ignorance!

  • Kathryn Newton

    Kathryn Newton

     7 days ago +1

    Excellent- haven’t got a clue what it is though!

  • Joe CNC

    Joe CNC

     7 days ago

    I also have a GF that is into spinning yarn - and a carder is on the list (beats manually carding the swarf out of the wool). Do you have any plans for this? And sources for getting the carder material (the nail cloth)? Love the harp, too. You do nice work. I like power tools way too much to live off-grid.