Crunchy Jalapeño Taco Poppers

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2018
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  • Guess What? I'm here too.

    Guess What? I'm here too.

     a years ago +62

    As a Mexican, this is just candy for me.

  • Juleen Forbes

    Juleen Forbes

     a years ago +77

    Spicy 🌶 and crunchy pairs perfect with a sweet dipping sauce to cool the burn.

  • John Cipriano

    John Cipriano

     a years ago +17

    Thank Goodness their fried and not baked, Too Many recipes That needed to be Fried are baked delivering a Less Satisfying dish.

  • Josephine Roe

    Josephine Roe

     a years ago +10

    Jalapeños are weird. Sometimes you eat one and there's no heat at all, and then the next one is so hot it makes your eyes water.

  • Pedantic Pete

    Pedantic Pete

     a years ago +7

    WEAR THOSE GLOVES. I still have PTSD from the shower incident. 😒. I had cut some jalapeños up then jumped in the shower. Did the quick rinse off with hands and soap.... next thing you know ... eyes are burning and I can’t see. Scalp is on fire and my nether regions are a blazing inferno. Gf back then heard the screams. Sheer panic until I realized what the cause was. Realization does not relieve pain though. Only panic. To this day, I treat jalapeños and others with the utmost respect. I still get shrinkage just thinking about them.

  • Aimee St. Germain

    Aimee St. Germain

     a years ago +5

    Tbh, I'd pipe that filling directly into my face.

  • Gabby Omega

    Gabby Omega

     a years ago +131

    I can't handle it

  • YES!


     a years ago +2

    Not spicy enough! Try Ghost Peppers, it's the perfect amount of spice

  • NoobMaster69


     a years ago +2

    I didnt have breakfast yet or any food today...
    my stomach is having an earthquake

  • Original-Chan the dank engine 1827

    Original-Chan the dank engine 1827

     a years ago +1

    Remember me when I’m lost in the sea of comments!

  • roberto pareja muñoz

    roberto pareja muñoz

     a years ago +1

    Was the food so good that there had to be someone having an orgasm in the background ?

  • bentleyr00d


     a years ago +5

    Chilis Relleños with meat added for some odd reason.

  • Decoy


     a years ago +2

    0:33 There is a face in that oil with a full head of hair

  • Lala Rafeeq

    Lala Rafeeq

     a years ago +2

    I’m now hungry like if you are hungry now 😂
    And am I the only one watching and looking at the comments?

  • Vinyldecalgraff


     a years ago

    Perfect I just grew some & tryin to figure what I could do with them. I'll try this

  • Vikki's Mukbangs and Life

    Vikki's Mukbangs and Life

     a years ago

    Yumzz!! I'm so wanting some Jalapeno Poppers now. These sound amazing!!

  • why is black widow so hot?

    why is black widow so hot?

     a years ago

    Too spicy for me, I'll just stay with my takis and Max lays spicy chips thank you.

  • Common Sense

    Common Sense

     a years ago +2

    Why do i hear people breathing in the backgroud ~_~

  • Meg McCaffrey

    Meg McCaffrey

     a years ago +1

    I’d gladly let my mouth burn for these.

  • Pauline NS

    Pauline NS

     a years ago

    Me and my family love making these! We use green chili sometimes. 😊❤️👌