Iron Man Arc Reactor

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • In today's video we're channeling our inner Tony Stark and making an Iron Man Arc Reactor Night Light!

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  • Armando Bautista

    Armando Bautista

     1 months ago

    What board he used

  • Rolando Torres

    Rolando Torres

     1 months ago +1


  • Varun Madhavan

    Varun Madhavan

     2 months ago

    he has no emotion in this video. I mean in the other videos he has so much emotion



     2 months ago +1


  • VC Studios

    VC Studios

     2 months ago

    15:04 I thought orange was the new black

  • Lego Inventions

    Lego Inventions

     2 months ago

    Just put that light on. No need for big constructions

  • Spazmic Paradox

    Spazmic Paradox

     2 months ago

    Really i thought this was a real working arc reactor

  • Will The Awesome

    Will The Awesome

     2 months ago

    I think you should going to make a real mark 1 helmet,
    and the cutting board has become the very thing it swore to destroy. Cut

  • Bharti Shaurya

    Bharti Shaurya

     3 months ago

    Iron Man is my favourite

  • Blaine Trarop

    Blaine Trarop

     3 months ago +3

    Says, "All these items are really inexpensive" proceeds to list low price items. Uses $300 saw to cut through $1 cutting board. 🤑

  • Andy Zap! Jackson - Magic and Illusions

    Andy Zap! Jackson - Magic and Illusions

     3 months ago

    This is ART!!!

  • Just a dude

    Just a dude

     3 months ago

    RIP Iron Man

  • Alyssa McPhee

    Alyssa McPhee

     3 months ago +1

    IN endgame ant man goes in iron mans reactor. Maybe you can understand how it works

  • Ram Jacob

    Ram Jacob

     3 months ago

    The hacksmith is better cause it has real electric

  • Mental Mayhem

    Mental Mayhem

     3 months ago +1

    uhh...i may have come at a bad time for the hero of the universe.

  • Xiofo XOX

    Xiofo XOX

     3 months ago +1

    The way the saw moved up and down was hypnotizing

  • OneShot Gaming

    OneShot Gaming

     3 months ago

    Anyone else notice how cool the saw looked?

  • Macey Punak

    Macey Punak

     4 months ago

    If only can you what would happen in endgame. 😪

  • Zian Curl Nieves

    Zian Curl Nieves

     4 months ago

    Yuo are so cool

  • Ryan Calhoun

    Ryan Calhoun

     4 months ago

    Is there something I can replace the cutting board with? I don’t know if I could get my hands on a saw like you used.