Leather Strip Slicer made from Wood and Razors

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Today we've got our buddy Garret in the workshop showing us how to make a leather lace cutter, perfect for DIY whip making!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/1Ggt-41PbB0


  • BostonTricker


     a months ago

    wonder why bandsaw never made with any fence on them

  • nojh,jnljkvg hgdk6uv

    nojh,jnljkvg hgdk6uv

     3 months ago

    please be careful not to use gloves when using a drill press or other rotation power tool. The gloves can get wrapped easily and cause injuries far worse than a simple drill bit cut on an unprotected hand

  • eau neaux

    eau neaux

     3 months ago

    I bet Garret still has to show he’s ID when buying drinks

  • MsCherade9


     7 months ago

    As a seamstress and costume maker this is really useful, thanks!

  • Let'sArt


     10 months ago

    Garrett's a cool guy 😊

  • Let'sArt


     10 months ago

    2:35 to 2:47 my spirit animal

  • Allen Ruschman

    Allen Ruschman

     a years ago

    The crack of the whip is a mini sonic boom

  • c0rtexiphan


     a years ago

    why wear that kind of gloves when crafting wood?

  • Mountain Man Logan

    Mountain Man Logan

     a years ago

    Grant #2's belt looks like a knife handle

  • Roderick storey

    Roderick storey

     a years ago

    Genuinely in of the best made versions of this tool I've seen- I've been wanting one for a while,loathe to buy one, and I've yet to find another design that is as simple to build and robust

  • Thundrex


     a years ago

    You ran around in a hailstorm!? Lucky!! XD

  • Br0ther Andy

    Br0ther Andy

     a years ago

    Can you make a bull whip from plastic bottle string?

  • Minigun Jay

    Minigun Jay

     a years ago

    When he cracked the whip in Slomo it sounded like lightning and thunder storms

  • Ravenvanwolfie


     a years ago

    Rip kangaroo

  • simon snipes

    simon snipes

     a years ago

    Who thinks the bullwhip guy looks like young Sam Smith

  • David Scott

    David Scott

     a years ago


  • flaquito


     a years ago +2

    Hahaha his cheeks change color😂😂

  • ashley bobbitt

    ashley bobbitt

     a years ago

    ferrofluid in vacuum chamber plz

  • poisoned candy

    poisoned candy

     a years ago

    Where do you get the leather from

  • Matt Tambling

    Matt Tambling

     a years ago

    Why is Grant including himself in the intros lol