The Shining - WTF Happened To This Movie?

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 28, 2019
  • Hollywood has had its fair share of historically troubled productions. Whether it was casting changes, actor deaths, fired directors, in-production rewrites, constant delays, budget cuts or studio edits, these films had every intention to be a blockbuster, but were beset with unforeseen disasters. Sometimes huge hits, sometimes box office bombs. Either way, we have to ask: WTF Happened To This Movie?

    In the latest episode we venture back to the Overlook Hotel for Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. The film has been a sore spot for King throughout the years, despite becoming a massive cultural phenomenon. Now, a sequel to the film, Doctor Sleep, is primed to hit theaters, prompting everyone to ask the question: WTF Happened to this Movie?

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  • Scott Amundsen

    Scott Amundsen

     20 hours ago

    Boy was this one shitty movie. Scary?? In what universe? They did it much better in the mini-series starring Steven Weber and Rebecca de Mornay.

  • William Wingo

    William Wingo


    I read the book first, and found the movie very disappointing.

  • stevepxs


     2 days ago

    Or, since the costumer picks the cloths, his sweater means nothing. Or, if K had input, it may just be that he was making a nod to NASA who he worked closely with.
    Anyone who can’t tell the difference between film special effects, and the NASA stuff, needs serious help.

  • mr offkey marc

    mr offkey marc

     2 days ago

    I don't care this film is one of the best films ever made.

  • Coinraker


     2 days ago

    King's mini series was lame. Thank goodness Kubrick didn't pay any attention to him when making the movie.

  • Yuri Plantagenet

    Yuri Plantagenet

     4 days ago +1

    Kubrick was born in the Bronx and grew up in New York. He had an uncle in California whom he visited when he was in middle school- in which time he became obsessed with photography.

    He went to England to shoot Lolita- at around 32 years of age- because the censorship restrictions in America wouldn't allow him to make the film and also because of the structural laws of Hollywood of who could do what on a film set at that time- Ridley Scott had problems with this while shooting Blade Runner and couldn't overrule the cinematographer or something.

    He decided to stay in England. He also said he didn't have affection for Hollywood and preferred not living there- claiming it was the fakest place in the world. He did sometimes think of leaving for somewhere else- New York, Canada, Australia- but England had all the film infrastructure he needed for his films. He might have considered living someplace in continental Europe, but he did say that he was bound to England, because it was an English-speaking country- and he made English speaking films.

    By all accounts, while he did have a taste for European things, he was an American through and through. Enjoying the opportunistic nature of the US and he always made sure he got the latest football match sent to him on cassette through the post by his friends and family. He seemed to have missed that place a lot.

  • michael wielenga

    michael wielenga

     4 days ago

    @13:35 what footage is that taken from???

  • falcon048


     5 days ago

    The Apollo 11 conspiracy is bunk. I find it amazing how people focus on the more benign details in the film and miss out or ignore GLARING, horrific reasons for those details.

    So, take this theory into account. Danny was sexually abused by Jack. Yeah, I know, right? But check it:

    1) when Danny passes out in the apartment when speaking to Tony, he awakens to being inspected by a doctor. Danny is covering his crotch with both hands. This is typical posture of one who has been abused. In this same scene, Danny is laying on a bear pillow that is very prominently placed in the shot. When pressed about Tony, Danny shuts down,"I don't want to talk about Tony." Because as Wendy later points out, Tony didn't appear until after Jack abused Danny.

    2) When the hotel manager comes to greet Jack after the family arrives at the hotel, Jack is reading a Playgirl magazine. Apparently, not just any issue. Upon inspection, this issue has a headlined article entitled: "Incest: Why do parents sleep with their children."

    3) Witness the scene where Danny was trying to go get his firetruck and Jack asks him to come to him first. Notice how intensely hesitant Danny is and how Danny looks when Jack makes him sit on his lap. You can tell that their relationship is not right.

    4) As to the Apollo 11 rocket ship is again a metaphor. Notice that the rocket bears the resemblance to a phallus? Notice how it points straight up and leads to Danny's mouth? Look how Danny's fist is balled up and how rigid he is when he stands.

    5) The bear BJ sequence. Remember the bear Danny was sleeping on? Bears are a theme through out. There are pictures of bears in the background in the Torrence's room at the Overlook. Going back to the BJ Bear, notice how the bear has a trap door in the back, very similar to children's pajamas. This scene was meant to show Wendy that her son was being abused by Jack. One might notice that it is the one vision that had nothing to do with violence, death or gore. If one wants to scrutinize Kubrick's use of shot angles, the BJ Bear is half out of frame with his butt sticking out. Earlier in the movie, Danny is seen from half out of frame in the bathroom with his butt sticking out, which also frames the bath tub and the curtain in the same way as in room 237 where Danny receives abuse. Another bit of evidence that this vision is less of a haunt is that there is no way a BJ could be performed in that costume. The mouth piece couldn't fit a person's phallus, even if you wanted it to. So it was a metaphor. Interesting use of words, "metaphor" because in the scene where the doctor is talking with Wendy about Danny there is a prominent news paper heading displayed on the table. It reads, "Illness as a Metaphor."

    If you read into Kubrick's interview with Ciment about the Shining, you get this from Kubrick: "Jack comes to the hotel psychologically prepared to do its murderous bidding. He doesn't have very much further to go for his anger and frustration to become completely uncontrollable. He is bitter about his failure as a writer. He is married to a woman for whom he has only contempt. He hates his son. In the hotel, at the mercy of its powerful evil, he is quickly ready to fulfill his dark role."


  • Zero-Brain-Power Empty

    Zero-Brain-Power Empty

     5 days ago

    is the number 42 not from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy??

  • The ManHammerAR15

    The ManHammerAR15

     5 days ago

    This movie is the biggest Overrated Turd I've ever seen! And the acting in multiple scenes seemed scripted and just plain bad.

  • reader1956


     5 days ago +1

    All of this explains why this movie is so terrible. It was terrible back then and is still terrible. Way over the top.

  • tony bennett

    tony bennett

     5 days ago

    I love Kubrick, but this movie was a complete misfire. Said to be one of the greatest horror film ever, most of it was risible, and I ended up laughing at it. Everything was so resolutely over the top : a flood of blood that is far less creepy than oozing blood, Nicholson being given permission to chew the scenery, Duvall made to act as if she were in a silent movie, overuse of the Steadicam etc. The best horror movies are more subtle than this and the endless speculations concerning this movie makes it even more ridiculous. I'm with the original critics, this would be last on my list of Kubrick films.

  • Michael Pierce

    Michael Pierce

     6 days ago

    my number one issue with this type of...i dont want to refer to it as analysis or even video because that would infer some sort of intellect or effort on the part of the uploader. Like so many other things on youtube, this waste of time is nothing but a regurgitation of another person's regurgitation ad infinitum of the mythical shining film shoot. Shit like this still draws me in as a rabid kubrick devotee although i can remember the time it came out and it was never conceivable to most that the film would ever become a people's classic. i liked it when it was min i suppose, something the star wars fans have made an ugly precedent of. im delighted at the elevation of kubrick since his death in 1999. But i fear the constant proliferation of media which prefers to skim the surface and relate facts, some of which are actually false myths, that have now become common knowledge will only lessen the mystery of the film and Kubrick's unique aura in the future. Tread lightly....its always better to experience any of kubrick's works fresh and unsullied by repositories of others waste like this vid

  • Derek Morton

    Derek Morton

     6 days ago

    notice how this is one of the few movie everyone still talks about years later and the one that has it's own documentary etc. Kubrick knew what was up and normal people just cant handle the genius

  • Ginger Bread

    Ginger Bread

     6 days ago

    Kubrick was an asshole. What he did to the staff was disgusting. He broke poor Shelly Duvall. The poor lady is a legit loon now. Eccentric, my ass. More like a bully and a psychopath.

  • Brother Nemo

    Brother Nemo

     7 days ago

    Having watched the movie and read the book as a youth, I can tell you the movie was a giant turd sandwich with only the axe scene to save it. I honestly might not hate it as much if it were not based at all on the book.

  • Rydz


     7 days ago

    overrated AF

  • EmotionGamingRO


     7 days ago

    2 hours of my life i will never get back.. a horror movie with no horror, terrible music..

  • Gary Davis

    Gary Davis

     7 days ago +2

    WTF happened to this F'ing movie? Kubrick was too concerned with showing that he could do horror.
    HE COULDN'T!!!! Full Metal Jacket was a more frightening film -- AND THAT WASN'T HORROR.

  • Euadam


     7 days ago

    Wow, a millennial that thinks he knows cinema. Every single thing you criticized is what Kubrick was famous for on ALL his films.