THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO || Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 9, 2019
  • This challenge will put your body to the test.
    Only 1% of people can do these weird, mind-boggling body tricks. Pretty cool, right?
    Think you’re special enough for this challenge? Then try this tricks yourself. Let us know what’s your score in a comment below👇

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  • Matt Satsatin

    Matt Satsatin

     42 minutes ago

    I can wiggle my ear

  • Dipen Banerjee

    Dipen Banerjee

     55 minutes ago

    Wow how did Vickey win the contest

  • Michael Jagodin

    Michael Jagodin

     an hour ago

    I guess they learned from morgz that every video needs to be a challenge.

  • Euan Katniss Ocol

    Euan Katniss Ocol

     2 hours ago


  • LearnToGame


     4 hours ago +1

    Damn,That Girl Is So Special That Girl On The Tv

  • Whatslife! Martinez

    Whatslife! Martinez

     5 hours ago

    I can do the worm tung

  • Ethan Ley

    Ethan Ley

     7 hours ago

    Girls our bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Freya The Kitty

    Freya The Kitty

     8 hours ago

    9:17 Kevin Looked A Bit Cute In That scene.

  • Jennifer Nix

    Jennifer Nix

     9 hours ago

    That girl did not have a real tongue

  • Jessica Thorson

    Jessica Thorson

     9 hours ago


  • Linda Moores

    Linda Moores

     10 hours ago


  • Gamingwith Maddy

    Gamingwith Maddy

     11 hours ago

    I can do all of them besides for the last one when Vickie/ Vicky won

  • Info @

    Info @

     12 hours ago

    I can do like....3 of these things 😢

  • kathryn O'Connor

    kathryn O'Connor

     12 hours ago

    Do troom troom, five minute crafts, and 123 go all have Vicky and Jess in them?

  • Fancy unicorn peeps

    Fancy unicorn peeps

     12 hours ago

    My friend knows how to fold her tongue



     13 hours ago

    I did it☘🍀

  • Fortnitegamergirl 284

    Fortnitegamergirl 284

     13 hours ago

    Kevin was think he was watching tv but he do not
    But it’s Vicky first



     14 hours ago

    This is a lie because me and 2 of my friends can do all of them

  • Faisal K

    Faisal K

     14 hours ago +1


  • Avdhesh Garg

    Avdhesh Garg

     15 hours ago