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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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    It's 2016 and everything is offensive... but is it, coming from an ethnically mysterious little brown girl? I LOOK LIKE IM FROM THE WORLD. lol check out my other social medias down below for more brown! I also really love my boyfriend because he fixes my descriptions when im not able to!
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    Thank you, my little ethnic rainbow cuties!

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  • Celine Ballantyne

    Celine Ballantyne

     an hour ago

    I’m half Hispanic and Irish.. During the summer I get brown like I was in the oven for 50 years and in the winter I’m more pale than Snow White. 😂😂 #MixedKidsProblems

  • Love the Martinez twins

    Love the Martinez twins

     9 hours ago

    This is like me I’m Mexican and white so ppl allows ask me how are you Mexican and I tell them my dad is and then my bro is black and their like how is you bro black I’m like cause he like it doesn’t matter we’re all human

  • The game Boys

    The game Boys

     17 hours ago

    My name is Asia and you have said Asia three times or four times I don't know and Eliza I love your videos and I watch them everyday and when I'm bored I watch your videos and it makes me very happy so thank you Eliza for posting videos because I love them I love them the most

  • Garin Charles

    Garin Charles

     18 hours ago


  • Kellyana Johnson

    Kellyana Johnson

     22 hours ago

    I'm related to this so much

  • Andre Domingues

    Andre Domingues

     22 hours ago

    Turquoise is a shade of green

  • Kabura Itimu

    Kabura Itimu


    just a black 14 year old girl totally confused

  • ashley crouch

    ashley crouch

     yesterday +1

    I’m a whispanic. In the whitest area ever. South Dakota

  • - Moluminati -

    - Moluminati -


    My mums family is originally from somewhere in Germany and my dads family is originally from somewhere from India. But they were both born in the rainy land of England and made the most pale lil doughnut in the world who is confused about who she is because she has no resemblance to either races ! Yay! 🤗

  • WHIT3_ TIG3R

    WHIT3_ TIG3R


    Omg I relate soooo much I'm half Danish and half Korean but when ever someone sees me they freaking try to speak Spanish to me or make racist jokes I kind of understand why people do that because I'm half Asian and half Danish normally Asians are not hairy but my dad is Danish and looks like a werewolf I got my mom's super tan skin but my dad's white every thing else

  • Angel Angie

    Angel Angie


    I’m Trinidadian and Ethiopian

  • Analyssia Viera

    Analyssia Viera


    I understand... My parents are from🇹🇹Trinidad and 🇵🇷 Puerto

  • PaytonJo Jessup

    PaytonJo Jessup

     yesterday +1

    I am a mix baby

  • Alyssa Dinger

    Alyssa Dinger

     yesterday +1

    I am the same way Liza😫

  • Sasha Slain

    Sasha Slain


    you're so funny

  • Mikaela



    I am mixed

  • Wolfeyes 37

    Wolfeyes 37


    I'm white but my best friend in the world is mixed her mom is African American and her dad is white and I always love to PLAY WITH HER HAIR ITS LITERALLY A POOF BALL 😆😆😆😆

  • Shola Iluyemi

    Shola Iluyemi


    I'm mixed too my dad is Nigerian (it's in Africa) and my mum is Northern Ireland (it's in the UK) but I never had any mixed friends I only have white friends although there is this one girl half Kenyan but she is 7 and I'm 11

  • Nepali local tourist binnuyeshe

    Nepali local tourist binnuyeshe


    My videos

  • Alexis Anthony

    Alexis Anthony

     yesterday +1

    My mom and dad are white and my sister is brown... Explain plz