Tyson Fury Got ROBBED against Deontay Wilder ● HIGHLIGHTS

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
  • Tyson Fury outboxed Deontay Wilder by making him missing punches and landing combinations. He was the superior boxer by avoiding punches and winning most of the rounds. Deontay Wilder managed to knock down Fury twice, once in 9th and once in 12th round. Fury managed to beat referee's ten count, get up and win the rest of the round. But, judges had different opinion and declared the match a split decision draw. This is one more boxing fight ended in a controversial split draw.

    Undefeated defending WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is about to face undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson Fury one more time as a rematch of the previous fight.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/0i_PBTQAtWQ


  • Horseman 52

    Horseman 52

     seconds ago

    Tyson fury didn’t get robbed he got beat

  • Кристиян Стоянов

    Кристиян Стоянов

     a minute ago

    Who is a fart bad ass bitch

  • Mehmet Yılmaz

    Mehmet Yılmaz

     51 minutes ago

    Boxing is becoming more like fencing, touching the other guy's head with gloves gives you points, getting knocked down means nothing. If this was a real fight, Wilder would have owned Fury's ass at the 2nd knockdown. So Fury winning with points means nothing to me.

  • Tate Marles

    Tate Marles

     an hour ago

    God damn just imagine this guy if he took his body seriously, got in good shape and put stamina and muscle behind those skills.

  • tjade adeyeye

    tjade adeyeye

     an hour ago

    That is a draw fight 10 times out of 10 & that is why most of us are eagerly waiting for a confirmation rematch.

  • Anomy


     an hour ago

    Tyson was knocked out! The ref went slow. He went unconscious.

  • RoyalOpps


     2 hours ago

    Man can take a hit

  • LucidAnarchy


     3 hours ago

    i wonder what a prime mike tyson would have done against these guys

  • cho desmond

    cho desmond

     3 hours ago

    Really enjoyed the fight. I think it's one of the I've ever watched... Furry should have won ... May if he avoided the last knock down ..

  • Hansu


     3 hours ago

    We all know Tyson won that fight. It's shame that Wilder never admitted it like a man.

  • Mekete Alemesged

    Mekete Alemesged

     3 hours ago

    Wilder is hell as boring...get out of the industry .

  • Daithe de paore

    Daithe de paore

     3 hours ago

    One corrupt mexican decided it...

  • Banqkai Qai

    Banqkai Qai

     4 hours ago

    Nothing special about wilder..he just a norma tall skinny guy who can hard punch...hes straight punch just aiming wrong direction..1 2....1 2..1 2..99% win the fight. Just depend on straight hard punch..no skill..luck footwork..just normal avarage guy for me

  • Muhammad Haseeb

    Muhammad Haseeb

     6 hours ago

    Deonty is a hoax and a shit hole boxer and is a disgrace to WBC.

  • Derick Walker

    Derick Walker

     6 hours ago

    Man that was super close. Tyson won by 2 points.

  • Mcbean


     7 hours ago +1

    If trying to hit Tyson’s head isn’t working, why doesn’t wilder just unload into his fat body lmao. In a couple rounds his hips would be hurting enough to make headshots way easier.

  • Wichita Disciple

    Wichita Disciple

     7 hours ago

    Fury is clearly the better boxer... however, you can't get knocked down 2 times and expect to win.

  • Ej Envyme

    Ej Envyme

     7 hours ago

    Who's here after fury was in wwe 😂😂😂😂

  • Vincenzo Santa Maria di Leuca

    Vincenzo Santa Maria di Leuca

     7 hours ago

    Furys boxing is just beautiful

  • Abstract Veiws

    Abstract Veiws

     7 hours ago

    The second knock down made it a draw sometimes the judges my score off of who had the more damaging punches. But yes furry won on points but the second knock down made it close. That's how it was scored.