Top 10 Most Insane Waterslides

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • Top 10 Most Insane Waterslides
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    #10 Aqua Duck Waterslide
    #9 Summit Plummet Waterslide
    #8 Tantrum Alley Waterslide
    #7 Scorpions Tail Waterslide
    #6 Walhalla Wave Waterslide
    #5 Jumeirah Sceirah Waterslide
    #4 Leap of Faith Waterslide
    #3 Insano Waterslide
    #2 L2 Waterslide
    #1 Verruckt Waterslide

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    Chill Wave by Kevin Macleod
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  • Abdul Gafur

    Abdul Gafur

     3 hours ago

    i like waterslide

  • morgan bennett

    morgan bennett

     6 days ago

    Number 2 its snowing and the guys at a water park

  • Thais fam

    Thais fam

     6 days ago

    It’s not just roller coasters...


  • Luna Møønshine

    Luna Møønshine

     6 days ago

    I agree with ari Cornwall

  • Milo Burrage

    Milo Burrage

     7 days ago +1

    I’ve been on the Leap of Faith and Jumeirah Sceirah!

  • Jane's MINIATURE

    Jane's MINIATURE

     7 days ago +1

    I mean I'm scared of the straight waterslide and go up like the last waterslide, it's really uncomfortable for me, I only like the waterslide that just go around and around and around that feel great to me

  • Kody Heap

    Kody Heap

     7 days ago

    Like how the picture to this video was totally fake. BOOO. Besides that seems like they were all the same ride, excluding the first ride which was by far the best.

  • Sinner 531

    Sinner 531

     7 days ago +1

    I've been on the Aquaduck tho and its

  • Legos are neet

    Legos are neet

     7 days ago

    I went on the wahhala wave it was horrifying

  • Marie Victoria Lilian De Raymond

    Marie Victoria Lilian De Raymond

     7 days ago

    I went on that number 9 slide because I live in Dubai

  • Muhammad Aniq

    Muhammad Aniq

     7 days ago

    About No.1, he said "a young boy was actually decapitated"
    Oh my God, did I hear that right? And why they put fences there?

  • Melania Shilongo

    Melania Shilongo

     7 days ago +2

    The red waterslide in Austria reminds me of haemoglobin travelling through the blood vessels

  • Nyneva Kyte

    Nyneva Kyte

     7 days ago

    I need a plane ticket to Austria

  • Emely Weyers

    Emely Weyers

     7 days ago

    Geil Geil Geil, mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen!!! ;)-

  • Liam Montgomery

    Liam Montgomery

     7 days ago +1

    I have been on the first slide and it is so fun

  • Rane Erickson

    Rane Erickson

     7 days ago

    I live in Missouri.

  • Cyrus Kayulu

    Cyrus Kayulu

     7 days ago

    I went to the summit plummit when I went to blizzard beach!

  • Maria Chrzanowski

    Maria Chrzanowski

     7 days ago +1

    #7 is just like what we have in Edmonton, Canada

  • Nheono PH

    Nheono PH

     7 days ago

    In the top 7 i tried that one in phillipines bruh when its drop i cant barely breathe cause of water 😂

  • chimmyking


     7 days ago

    My God, Imagine going to the waterpark and not returning with your head