Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 10, 2018
    FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ►
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    In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story!

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  • FishFossils


     an hour ago

    I’m sorr this isn’t that hard, simply, Michael didn’t die in FNAF 4, thanks to modern medicine (and possibly some spirit fuckery)

  • Seth Richards

    Seth Richards

     an hour ago

    William Afton security guard in fanf 3

  • Seth Richards

    Seth Richards

     an hour ago

    5 game one story

  • xXMelissa *

    xXMelissa *

     6 hours ago

    We are the Titanic
    Scott and his creations are the iceberg

  • Daniel 23783 M

    Daniel 23783 M

     6 hours ago

    Mike is the baby's pizzeria guarb!!

  • Nick Pascary

    Nick Pascary

     6 hours ago


  • Mlg MtnDew

    Mlg MtnDew

     16 hours ago

    1:23 . demonetized

  • Tamar Dekanoidze

    Tamar Dekanoidze


    me when someone knows golden freddy's name before i was trying to guss 4:39

  • Ella Braun

    Ella Braun


    The phone guy is Freddy, it would all make sense and maybe he’s Willam/ orange guy. Because phone guy actually wants the kid not to survive, he try’s to scare him, like Scott said Willam didn’t want him to either; what if their connected somehow? I found out phone guy tried to stop them is because it’s from some fanfiction but it would make sense, and there’s hidden clues when he’s talking to him on the phone. Or maybe the phone guy could be connected to Charlotte/ the puppet somehow. They both over watch the animatronics, I’m really not sure of this theory though :/

  • SYP WOLF23

    SYP WOLF23


    It’s a freaking blue phone

  • Alaska Awesomeness

    Alaska Awesomeness


    If William Built them WHY ARE THEY BREATHING IN FNAF 4!?!!!!??????? Is anyone confused about this?

  • Lucie deBlieux

    Lucie deBlieux

     2 days ago

    Micheal used the names on the gravestones because they were his friends. And this is paying homage to them.

  • Boss Apple

    Boss Apple

     2 days ago

    Theres another Fnaf Noble About GoldenFreddy I Have it...

  • Crazy Bender Bendy

    Crazy Bender Bendy

     2 days ago

    Have you thought Michael is SPRINGTRAP and William is SCRAPTRAP

  • Cotton candy and Gacha undertale chara

    Cotton candy and Gacha undertale chara

     2 days ago


  • mr mysterious

    mr mysterious

     2 days ago

    Old & nightmare animatronics are the same. The old animatronics are nothing like fnaf 1 but if you fix up fnaf 2 & 4 animatronics. They show similarities.

  • Monster Beast8089

    Monster Beast8089

     3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that fnaf is the only game that is taking so long to solve

  • Next Generation

    Next Generation

     3 days ago

    It's is not Ai it is voodoo
    Because you can't just get a soul out of heaven and put it in a vessel with technology IT IS VOODOO

  • Urcell Naguiat

    Urcell Naguiat

     3 days ago

    he is old sport you dummy

  • phillip kelly

    phillip kelly

     3 days ago

    Thats blue