6 Instant Drink Chiller Test



  • Micah Philson

    Micah Philson

     a years ago +643

    "it was spinning like crazy in the Froze Boose"

  • Jasmine mae Edaño

    Jasmine mae Edaño

     4 months ago +182

    This is how many boom he says

  • Tamia Foster

    Tamia Foster

     a years ago +20

    "im just gonna wait 30 seconds"
    drinks immediately
    "still warm"

  • Potato Heart Productions

    Potato Heart Productions

     a years ago +259

    “I’m going to give it another 30 seconds”
    drinks it 2 seconds later

  • Tjf_11


     a years ago +133

    Every corner of the can

  • Megha Hazarika

    Megha Hazarika

     a years ago +53

    So the basic principle of all these gadgets are spinning the cans in ice cubes!!

  • Martin Cirilo

    Martin Cirilo

     a years ago +39

    “Gonna give it another 30secs”
    **2 seconds later**
    “It’s still warm”

  • TheRealChumps


     a years ago +61

    *Crazy Russian Gadjict Tester

  • gamer boy slice

    gamer boy slice

     4 months ago +20

    When u outside and says "room temperature"

  • Rainbow Dash69

    Rainbow Dash69

     a years ago +123

    Remember the "life hack" days?

  • Mister Cuțu

    Mister Cuțu

     a years ago +109

    If you put salt on the ice it will make it colder



     5 days ago +5

    Chilling gadgets review
    Final verdict
    "*It's pretty cool*"

  • Michael Ho

    Michael Ho

     a years ago +147


  • Allen Meadows

    Allen Meadows

     a years ago +17

    he should do a video where he shows his collection of his gadgets

  • Alexey El Hayek

    Alexey El Hayek

     a years ago +8

    Try adding salt to the ice, it makes it colder, and see if you can make a slushee

  • Lars


     a years ago

    a coke fidget spinner, nice!

  • bradley walker

    bradley walker

     a years ago +4

    Da frozz boos I love how you pronounce that lol

  • bringmethekill


     a years ago +2

    "Im gonna give it like 30 seconds" (drinks instantly)

  • Ivana C

    Ivana C

     a years ago

    "it's finally getting warmer"
    *Canadians laugh in the distance *

  • bruce the gamer

    bruce the gamer

     a years ago

    Wouldn't the coke be flat from Shaking/spinning?