Reading More Fables (I swear I'm not a furry)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  • Gather around once again my children and hear the somewhat exciting stories about talking animals.
    The first 'Reading Fables' video ➤

    Rush light invader ➤
    Vopse ➤

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  • Medvid Men

    Medvid Men

     an hour ago +1


  • tigerblackyellow721


     4 hours ago

    James your Aussie accent sounds like sh*t
    (I live in Australia!)

  • Loxy Galaxy

    Loxy Galaxy

     6 hours ago

    Fable: “ frog dies”

    Asui: cries

  • Stray Kidz&Twice Living heartbeat

    Stray Kidz&Twice Living heartbeat

     6 hours ago

    James:“Look before you leap”

    Also James: you stupid idiot😂

  • hen da legend

    hen da legend

     7 hours ago

    I did the fox and the grapes

  • BackwardsLogic YT

    BackwardsLogic YT

     7 hours ago

    watching this for the 69th time
    Also me:
    Just realizes
    The bird at 5:38 is Ari (Jaiden's parakeet)

  • Blockman Go gamer

    Blockman Go gamer

     7 hours ago

    U forgot fnaf foxy bonnie freddy chica golden freddy

  • Juan Flores

    Juan Flores

     8 hours ago


  • Lily Belle Harris

    Lily Belle Harris

     9 hours ago

    I see random people get likes for saying random words sooooooo


  • laprill gromoll

    laprill gromoll

     9 hours ago

    Fox: outsmarts everyone and everything

    Scorpion: I’m about to ruin this fox’s career

  • Audrey Djuric

    Audrey Djuric

     9 hours ago

    4:03 foxy

  • Dady Fabien

    Dady Fabien

     9 hours ago

    Fox know it 2000 bc bbbuuutt do your recherch on scorpions

  • Dady Fabien

    Dady Fabien

     9 hours ago

    I am poor s[soooooooo money is to blame

  • David Brown

    David Brown

     9 hours ago +1

    I'm going to kill anyone who doesn't watch odd1sout 😇👿

  • Luis Hernandez

    Luis Hernandez

     9 hours ago

    The baby goats mom is dead in the well the fox killed the baby and the mom

  • Oppa Squid

    Oppa Squid

     10 hours ago

    James: "I Scared you LOL!"
    ME: " What is this"

  • violet silvia

    violet silvia

     10 hours ago

    the bird looked like ari from jayden animations

  • Gudelia Perez

    Gudelia Perez

     11 hours ago


  • George W

    George W

     11 hours ago

    Aesop had the first connected universe Mr. Foxes connected universe

  • Silent Box

    Silent Box

     12 hours ago

    1:57 lol is Logan paul lol jk