Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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    Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!

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  • movax20h


     13 hours ago

    In fact atoms are not empty. There is literally zero empty space in the atom. Please check the quantum field theory again.

    This atoms are mostly empty , is just classical way of thinking, a fancy story we tell high schoolers and maybe initial way to explain things like Rhuderford scattering experiment.

  • devourtheirsouls



    SchwartsCHILD 🤣

  • Ninja Slayer

    Ninja Slayer


    I am pretty sure superhero movies aren't always supposed to be realistic and backed up by science...but nice work on the research 👍😁

  • LM gaming

    LM gaming

     2 days ago

    Showed this to my little cousin brother and told me that it was a small light from doraemon

  • Gaming plane

    Gaming plane

     2 days ago

    10^ -34 the Planck length is the shortest scale of measurement in this universe and is believed to be the size where fabric of space time can be found to exist along with the vibrating strings of energy that makes up different quarks can be found so basically at that size he can jump into 11 more dimensions ACCORDING to string theory

  • Gemie Ambrose

    Gemie Ambrose

     4 days ago

    marvel: let's make a scientific movie and do all the research in order to accurately depict a character like
    matpat: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • -Hungry Hippo-

    -Hungry Hippo-

     4 days ago

    Waiting for the day that someone comments every word he says in a video in a script format

  • Soren54241


     5 days ago

    Scott Lang would also die from another reason: suffocation. He's smaller than atoms, meaning that each time he went to breath, he would only get empty space in his lungs, since the air around him is still normal sized, but his lungs aren't. AKA the air around him is BIGGER THAN HIS LUNGS!

  • Bul let

    Bul let

     7 days ago +2

    But MatPat, (I say in the annoying voice that I have) Doesn't the mass get let out into the atmosphere and take back in mass when they turn big again. when they shrink stuff, that would explain the tank, and if ant man disappeared in a half second. It would make sense. I presume...

  • Lightning Bolt

    Lightning Bolt

     7 days ago +1

    I like how it zooms in on the guys crotch at 2:35

  • Gabriel Urquiza

    Gabriel Urquiza

     7 days ago

    Paradoxically, if you increase the mass of the eléctrons, atoms become smaller. Also, if atom nuclei gets too close, close enough to fall within the strong nuclear force's range, then they fuse. The real question, though, is this: Why aren't the shurikens hitting dirt particles, bacteria or viral particles floating in the air?

  • wolfyplayz the articwolf

    wolfyplayz the articwolf

     7 days ago

    It's just a movie movies don't make sense

  • wolfyplayz the articwolf

    wolfyplayz the articwolf

     7 days ago

    I wanna pass through screens

  • wolfyplayz the articwolf

    wolfyplayz the articwolf

     7 days ago


  • Ben Warren

    Ben Warren

     7 days ago

    The decrease in his size leads to his surface area being to small to release heat meaning that his mitochondria would produce too much heat. The second the turns small, he dies

  • Selam Kebede

    Selam Kebede

     7 days ago

    i was playing solitaire which i stoped after you remind me of my loneliness

  • Maximus10


     7 days ago

    You should make a video on whether or not Iron Man's suit is possible.

  • JohnRoyal


     7 days ago

    Just do that to Thanos lmao

  • Zaiah Wildebeast

    Zaiah Wildebeast

     7 days ago

    Anyone else think about how OP Kuma from One Piece is? Think about it

  • D4RK S3NS3I

    D4RK S3NS3I

     7 days ago

    At 5:24 Mat says that a normal ant has a density of 4.5 mg / L. Therefore, since air has a density of 1200 mg / L, as said later, normal ants also float? lmao