Ricky Gervais Funniest Talk Show Moments

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Ricky Gervais funniest moments as a guest on talk shows.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-z_hNbXJ_SU


  • Madam Ost

    Madam Ost

     16 hours ago

    hah he's hilarious.. its edited because i forgot to say thanks uwho22

  • Yvonne Lastra

    Yvonne Lastra


    he repeats alot of these jokes in his standup special humanity. but its alot better on stage than during interviews. go watch it on netflix!

  • anneza2424



    Anyone else here because they just always go on a Ricky Gervais binge every few weeks or so?

  • Ahmed360


     2 days ago

    Oh man the last bit why do you have children 🤣😂😂

  • Zoe Hope

    Zoe Hope

     2 days ago +2

    I swear this guy is a brother from another mother. The snurtching, the whistling and we laugh at all the same stuff. I even thought the grape joke was funny.

  • Deep Recce

    Deep Recce

     2 days ago

    Great provocative sarcasm packaged as joke!! Like this guy!!

  • C.J Phu

    C.J Phu

     3 days ago

    Ricky Gervais is a thousand X funnier and refreshing than Allen!

  • sudheshwar agrawal

    sudheshwar agrawal

     3 days ago

    making bacon

  • Annette Perrin

    Annette Perrin

     3 days ago


  • Terry Dactyl

    Terry Dactyl

     3 days ago +7

    "I'll bet you've always wondered what we kept under our helmets"

    "and my brother went 'but I knew it wasn't f... Brains' "

  • Loja artesanato A Janela Amarela

    Loja artesanato A Janela Amarela

     4 days ago

    He is so funny

  • Mirun Shiva

    Mirun Shiva

     4 days ago +10

    ellen looks so disinterested with him, but will laugh for days with someone like Justin Bieber...

  • Joan Holliman

    Joan Holliman

     4 days ago +1


  • P wie Pepe

    P wie Pepe

     4 days ago +13

    i think that the Americans don't really get the British humor, neva.

  • Chet Lim

    Chet Lim

     4 days ago

    Graham Norton: (laughs)Ahu Ahu Ahu Ahu Ahu Ahu Ahu Ah! Ah! Ah

  • Rudy Stamm

    Rudy Stamm

     4 days ago

    Vick that pos jimmy kimmel

  • apollomemories73


     4 days ago

    The US has the dullest talk show hosts and could do with a major overhaul.

  • Osiris Willow

    Osiris Willow

     4 days ago


  • VeganSyd Most

    VeganSyd Most

     4 days ago

    I would subscribe but i just want Ricky.

  • Fernando Augusto da Rosa Siedschlag

    Fernando Augusto da Rosa Siedschlag

     4 days ago

    At around 07:00 Conan's ginormous head makes me really uncomfortable.