• Jose Rexel Tunacao

    Jose Rexel Tunacao

     28 days ago +336

    Who's watching after "ICY" to seet the difference?

  • k poop

    k poop

     6 months ago +2077

    0:18 did dahyun taught them how to find cameras?



     6 months ago +1308

    I see IZ*ONE chaeyeon’s Sister :O

  • not not today

    not not today

     28 days ago +62

    who’s here after the icy teaser?

  • Fancy TWICE

    Fancy TWICE

     6 months ago +2570

    Wonder girls - Retro concept
    MissA - Sexy Concept
    Twice - Colorful pop
    Itzy - Girl crush
    JYP Girl Groups are unstoppable🔥🔥

  • Ralfh Louis Fuerte

    Ralfh Louis Fuerte

     6 months ago +1702

    When JYP didnt post another mv teaser. Rip replay button

  • Fritzy Gail

    Fritzy Gail

     6 months ago +349

    JYP has different groups that gives different vibes!JYP has power they all have talent,visuals and character!STAN JYP!!!!

  • Dua M

    Dua M

     6 months ago +507

    This is honestly such a JYP aesthetic MV 😂😂😂

  • Cyed


     6 months ago +500

    0:25 Dda Dalla Dalla Dallaa~!

  • Maliksona the poet

    Maliksona the poet

     6 months ago +2538

    I have an important question
    How many people stan
    1 person = 1 like

  • Choi Jisu

    Choi Jisu

     28 days ago +18

    Who's here after watching it'z icy teaser video?..

  • Amber :D

    Amber :D

     6 months ago +409

    News:Title track, "달라달라 (DALLA DALLA)" is described as "fusion groove" mixing EDM, House, and Hip-Hop genres where ITZY will show Girl and Teen Crush charms

  • Day6 Stan

    Day6 Stan

     6 months ago +494

    Itzy in less than a week?!😱 can’t wait to see Ryujin

  • hope dean

    hope dean

     6 months ago +27

    I'm kinda worried about how creepy their fanboys are gonna be... Some of these girls aren't even legal yet.

  • Sonder streak

    Sonder streak

     6 months ago +2839

    This concept is based on a problem going on in Korea .cameras are installed in women’s changing room and footage is used for selling purposes. Many women were starting a movement it goes something like “my privacy is not your porn” .
    I am thankful they are getting that problem to peoples attention :)
    Itzy fighting!
    Edit : this spy camera scandal has not been 100% confirmed yet .
    Edit 2: pretty sure now after the well known scandal

  • Junggie Beom

    Junggie Beom

     6 months ago +81

    This girl group will surely be sucessful!!❤❤❤❤



     28 days ago +8

    Who come back here after watching "ICY" TEASER?

  • Wannable Forever

    Wannable Forever

     21 days ago +6

    Fun Fact:
    This teaser is 3 seconds shorter than their “ICY” teaser😛

  • iffavsr


     6 months ago +67

    When will another teaser drop?

  • Nermin Kara

    Nermin Kara

     6 months ago +874

    Dahyun teach them finding cameras well.
    ITZY Fighting! <3
    Edit: Omg! Really thanks for these likes!!