If You Don’t Know, Now You Know - Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • After years of taking in America’s plastic recycling, many Asian nations are now sending it back, forcing the U.S. to deal with its trash problem.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/-htnUTN4mH0


  • Prasad Jagtap

    Prasad Jagtap

     7 hours ago

    So al-jazera is your news source... It's reliability can be considered now

  • Jan Dom

    Jan Dom

     14 hours ago

    Lets ship them to space or mars.

  • Aina Macatual

    Aina Macatual


    hahahah Philippines here!!!

  • Lexyistic



    thanks for making this video, I really hope people can stop using plastic , it's a big problem for our mother earth, loved
    the Duterte part :)

  • Piri the cute

    Piri the cute

     2 days ago

    In India, there is a food service where the food industry use steel containers to deliver food "Dabbawala" is what it's called. The food is delivered in offices and homes where people eat the food and return the containers to the deliverer when they come to take it back.

  • jay dani

    jay dani

     3 days ago

    European Union needs to step up its game...

  • MidFidelity


     4 days ago

    5:21 I bet he was gona say " Rodrigo Duterte does not f*(on no) mess around"

  • Zhang Dayu

    Zhang Dayu

     4 days ago

    you seemed to miss the fact that the trash was masked as something legit.

  • Donald Whiteside

    Donald Whiteside

     5 days ago

    Well what goes around comes around.

  • Alexander Schmall

    Alexander Schmall

     5 days ago

    Most of my fellow Americans are too lazy to hand sort Clear Glass from Green Glass, sorry environment.

  • Charles Tredway

    Charles Tredway

     6 days ago

    So America, let’s get to work and show the world that we can recycle and turn trash into something usable like roads or tires or roofs or sidewalks or 2x4 building materials. We can do this!

  • FTL OP

    FTL OP

     7 days ago +2

    In no way is America without fault here, YET All these countries are hypocrites. If you work in retail as I have off and on over the years you will know that all these countries especially China package our goods in plastic and ship it to us. So, they are upset because we are sending their packaging materials back to them? lol lol ROFL . All our countries administration needs to come up with environmental rules that companies must follow or face fines.

  • Jo Middleton

    Jo Middleton

     7 days ago

    Then we need to make our recycling new

  • Dan Africk

    Dan Africk

     7 days ago

    The answer is simple: Plastic is too damn cheap, we need to make it more expensive. Tax all virgin plastic items enough to fully fund municipal recycling plants and collection programs, disposal, and education programs. For trivial uses, demand will drop. For the countless critical uses (i.e. medical tubing), we will decide it's worth the tax and pay it. We will buy less plastic overall, and there will be an economic incentives for both companies and consumers to find more sustainable alternatives. And recycled plastic will be more affordable by comparison since it will be tax free.

    With enough funding, we will be able to recycle more types of plastic more often. We can also build waste-to-energy plants to cleanly burn the plastic that we can't recycle, and turn it into electricity and divert it from the landfill.

    These steps won't entirely solve the problem, but they would be an enormous step in the right direction.. Too bad it's not going to happen because people are too dumb and our political process along with our polarized and deeply ignorant society prevents anything reasonable from getting accomplished..

  • gettin' there Janice

    gettin' there Janice

     7 days ago

    I am very grateful were we have reached a point that someone has said no. I remember when this first hit. there was a huge change in the recycling well it felt huge. I was recycling things in hopes they were recyclable but later found out they weren't. now only a few things are recycled. which is disappointing but it also makes it very clear what is not. the reality is those electronic devices are also very bad for the envroment. and so is ordering takeout. we need to replace electronics less frequently wash dishes especially at home. We should problbly eat take out less because even our best options are not going to work perfectly.

  • KRP B

    KRP B

     7 days ago

    GREAT TREVOR!! It's great if we all try going Zero waste!! But we should also throw the trash at the doors of the companies that make this trash!! They are the ones that should make easily recyclable or reusable products!!

  • KRP B

    KRP B

     7 days ago

    나이스!!! 플라스틱 쓰지 맙시다!! 제로쓰레기 습관을 가져서 오염을 줄입시다!! 트레보 잘했어요!!

  • jess opez

    jess opez

     7 days ago

    Here's an idea. They should stop making plastic products!!

  • Crios


     7 days ago

    Wtf send it to Africa, and if they don't want to it then stop fucking dontating to them, hear me out but honestly they can pick it out and get paid, and we get to recycle it, if u think it's a bad idea your stupid

  • withney mcfarlane

    withney mcfarlane

     7 days ago

    My country doesn't look that bad anymore 😂😂sorry US