Game Theory: Would YOU Stay Blind? (Close Your Eyes)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 28, 2018
  • Petscop: The Ghost Inside a Game ►
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    In a game full of monsters, jumpscares, and mind bending landscapes made of human body parts - what could scare you more? You are trapped in a facility with no memory of who or where you come from. Would you choose to uncover the horror of what your existence truly means? Today, Theorists, I am here to open your eyes to the TRUTH of Close your Eyes.

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    Thank you to YouTuber, CjuGames, who gave us permission to use his footage of the game!

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  • JM Newby

    JM Newby

     8 hours ago

    Well that was dark I'm going to leave and hugs and puppies wait there's more

  • golden freddy {animatronic}

    golden freddy {animatronic}


    i anit downloading this game

  • Taylor Cressionnie

    Taylor Cressionnie


    As Matt says "The Best Ending: Everyone closes Their Eyes" he starts talking about how everyone shouldnt have to see their world in ruin....
    Me: Well ignorance is bliss as they say....
    Few minutes later Matt: Ignorance is bliss
    Me; * Completely flips out *

  • _R3I NO_NAME.

    _R3I NO_NAME.


    Wow...just wow...

  • Jairylle Borg :P

    Jairylle Borg :P

     2 days ago

    He said there was 4 endings😂

  • Joeb Gaming

    Joeb Gaming

     2 days ago

    Don’t look behind you
    Me with a wall to my back
    “Ha fuckers”

  • Ashy S. Huster

    Ashy S. Huster

     3 days ago

    Video: Don't look behind you
    Me: Alright

    Also me: punches the air behind me like a maniac

  • Shayne Moonesamy

    Shayne Moonesamy

     3 days ago +2

    Matpat:dont look behind you
    Me:looks behind me

  • Kat KB

    Kat KB

     4 days ago

    "dOn'T lOoK bEhInD yOu"
    me:hah jokes on you! i'm on my bed and behind me is the frame
    also me: looks behind

  • Kashoom cookie

    Kashoom cookie

     4 days ago


  • Generic Idiot

    Generic Idiot

     4 days ago

    Whenever MatPat isn’t talking over the game... is whenever I start to scream

  • blank facade

    blank facade

     5 days ago

    Boi how high do you have to be for this game to be made

  • Amaan Anwar

    Amaan Anwar

     5 days ago

    Don't look behind you
    Me: Looks behind
    My dog: Arf 🐶
    Me:.... ok fine walks outside along with my puppy
    After few hours, I came back and saw the tv in a red screen. Its making loud noises and scream. There was a hole in the tv that it could fit me .Should I go inside?

    Me: Ooh..*goes inside*

  • Michelle Nguyen

    Michelle Nguyen

     5 days ago

    im scared after this i need a hug. anyone no ok
    ps i almost peed y pants also i look behind me
    and saw my grandma walk up to me by then i
    was sweting like the sun was to close to earth
    but my granma told me to help on face book
    for her . sorry if this to long ps i helped her

  • Gaffitaffi


     5 days ago

    Don't look behind you
    Looks behind me at the wall
    Me: questions my life

  • Apathy Wight

    Apathy Wight

     5 days ago

    hey did anyone else notice that on the title screen it looks like it says close our eyes, I guess its because of the best ending

  • Mantha Boo

    Mantha Boo

     6 days ago +1

    Look behind you
    Why would I ?

  • Rowan VandenHeuvel

    Rowan VandenHeuvel

     6 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the music after the intro is ‘Celine Arrives on the Scene’ from Who Killed Markiplier?? 👀

  • Sweetie Kat

    Sweetie Kat

     6 days ago

    Who looked behind themselves? I did ;-;

  • Isabelle Bayliss

    Isabelle Bayliss

     6 days ago

    “Don’t look behind you”
    Me:*looks* “oh hey wall”