FROZEN Hot Chocolate - 4 Different Ways

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 21, 2018
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    Today we're making delicious and chilling frozen hot chocolate, perfect for the summer!

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  • Kaymay Henderson

    Kaymay Henderson

     22 hours ago

    4:13 Nate sounds like A Zombie hiding in Minecraft

  • CallOfPundy1192



    So you just made a milkshake?

  • Val Andra

    Val Andra

     2 days ago

    Where did you get the Willy wonka chocolate?

  • Zain Saeed

    Zain Saeed

     4 days ago +1

    Can’t you just hit up a Timmies?

  • Ssisisisi Gotshanked

    Ssisisisi Gotshanked

     6 days ago

    Then what’s the point of it being hot chocolate

  • The Game Overlord

    The Game Overlord

     7 days ago

    Pause your vid then press this 6:54 then look at the bottom of the video screen

  • 1000 subs without a video, YET

    1000 subs without a video, YET

     7 days ago


  • Nick King

    Nick King

     7 days ago

    Captain America eating chocolate ice cream...

    “I can do this all day”

  • Gaming Whith bryce

    Gaming Whith bryce

     14 days ago

    You We just need to water it down with
    Chloroform. Audience can I get that at Walmart

  • Adi Koopman

    Adi Koopman

     14 days ago

    Y’all if you want the recipe for how Dunkin’ Donuts makes them lmk. I got you!!!!!

  • itzwhisperz 7

    itzwhisperz 7

     21 days ago

    Is this a cooking show?

  • kaka gaming

    kaka gaming

     1 months ago

    Does anyone else uses liquid nitrogen to cool down on summer xD

  • Apple Song

    Apple Song

     1 months ago

    The double boiler is wrong. The top bowl should be bigger than the pan and should never come in contact with the water so the chocolate won't burn

  • Bob Animations

    Bob Animations

     1 months ago

    "You need to water it down, with water"
    You don't say, Nate

  • Dirty Potatoes

    Dirty Potatoes

     1 months ago

    Why does this video keep coming up in my notifications as a new video 🤔, it's weird

  • BigMangoz G

    BigMangoz G

     1 months ago


  • VelcroTapeBunny


     1 months ago

    Um guys frozen hot chocolate already exists its called milkshake

  • Lil Sick Pump

    Lil Sick Pump

     1 months ago

    Its chocolate ice cream

  • dzaky 3124

    dzaky 3124

     1 months ago

    the king of cooking

  • Nathan Brinkerhoff

    Nathan Brinkerhoff

     1 months ago +1

    Can we talk about how at 4:01, Nate saying "I love burgers" just lines up with the music.