My Opinion on Traveling

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 6, 2017
  • traveling and all that jazz~
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'd walk on a moving sidewalk next to you ;)))))))))))))))))))
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  • Crystal Kingdom

    Crystal Kingdom

     13 hours ago

    They can wash their nubbys

  • Hypno Snurtle

    Hypno Snurtle

     13 hours ago

    Smoking alcohol is so fun!!!!

  • stevengarnetpearlamythest 1234

    stevengarnetpearlamythest 1234

     14 hours ago

    Love this vid!

  • Kevin Shen

    Kevin Shen

     15 hours ago


  • ringfinger


     15 hours ago

    Jeez, ma
    Stop bothering me, i'm just smoking alcohol

  • Reckz


     15 hours ago

    mandatory not smiling in passports means, smiling prevents you from getting caught after a crime ;) kinda like a joker

  • grace rusing

    grace rusing

     17 hours ago

    The little girl on the plane is me lol

  • A weird Somebody

    A weird Somebody

     18 hours ago

    You have to touch the door 0:51

  • Jared Cook

    Jared Cook

     18 hours ago

    My siblings never realize that the aisle seat is the best. They just want to window. IDIOTS!

  • TurtleDanX On gd

    TurtleDanX On gd

     18 hours ago

    Yes the ye he the the X was a great app and D

  • Carl toons

    Carl toons


    Jaiden moving sidewalks are expensive and uses very large amounts of energy

  • cat lifh

    cat lifh


    And I say that sometimes and if you're on during what I say a lot of times that I hope that the plane Falls and we die and that will be cool Diana I am a demon

  • cat lifh

    cat lifh


    And I am possessed so you got that right

  • Alon Shahar

    Alon Shahar


    Smoked too much alcohol?
    Well done jaiden.

  • cat lifh

    cat lifh


    OMG I think it's me the little girl

  • Flakey



    I mean there are still other uses to the hands-free bathroom other than washing/drying hands. I guess they could wash their limbs and dry something...?

    Also don't need to talk about the toilet,

    It's a toilet, what you expect out of it?

  • tweet 45fl

    tweet 45fl


    Wow she busy

  • Seth Galvan

    Seth Galvan


    When Jaden was talking about the moving sidewalks she said that it would reduce pollution and you wouldn’t have to pay for gas but what would the moving sidewalks run off of because of the airport they run out for gas

  • ii m e w b a e ii •

    ii m e w b a e ii •


    When there was the anime animation about running on the moving sidewalks i was like: " HOLY CRAP SHE GOIN' PLUS ULTRA JUST LIKE DEKU " she even had the lil' lightning bolt thingies around her... Hehe.... Okay I'll stop now ;-;

  • tiger boy gaming with friends

    tiger boy gaming with friends


    What is the power bill is it going to be they are going to be so much power and what if they are no air planes and we have to use escalators to travel like Arizona to canada that will be whating so long on the escalators so not everything cant be a escalators and we will leave it to that and hi jaiden and Ari