Lake Placid (1999) - The Black Sheep!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • We take a look back at the oft-forgotten gem that is 1999's Lake Placid, a great little (big) alligator creature feature that doesn't get the love it deserves. Starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, David Thewlis and...Betty White?

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  • Frieder Leimenstoll

    Frieder Leimenstoll

     22 hours ago

    Lake Placid was a great movie - however the sequels are a different story ...

  • macymayo


     1 months ago

    Bridget Fonda is soooo hot, i wish she still made movies after this

  • Greywind92


     1 months ago

    the comment you put in the video is fucking ridiculous, who is trying to argue with you? helen kellar?

  • Lord Manhammer

    Lord Manhammer

     1 months ago +1

    Wtf you even talking about? Ghostbusters 2 is considered shit by 90% of the public? What? You high. That is fucking news to me. Not met a single person in my entire life who said ghostbusters 2 was shit. Ghostbusters 3 on the other hand.... Also never heard anyone who have said Lake Placid was shit either. Might be because im from Norway, and people here are perhaps more forgiving or something idno. A movie = entertainment. If i feel entertained by the movie. Or had a laugh, was invested or watched the movie until the end. Then i will 99% of the time call it a good movie. As all i want from it is entertainment. I just want to be entertained and not bored to death. And neither of these movies made me shut it off. Because if its shit, and does nothing for me. Boiiii i will turn that shit off straight away as i dont even bother to watch something i feel is just pure shit. Which i do quite often, i can tell quite quick whats crap and what isn't. Like last night, someone told me to watch that movie called "Fun Games". I turned that shit off 30% in. Never been so bored in my entire life, its about nothing. Nothing at all. Just pretentious bullcrap thats held high up by just that. pretentious people who hold it high up to feel so fucking good about themselves. And pretend the movie has some deeper meaning that has to be understood when it doesn't. Ooooh so you didnt like the movie huh? Ooo well it IIIIS rather intellectual. Which makes it hard for the average joe to understand as it takes quite alot of prestige of the mind in order to fully enjoy its hidden themes. Ugh dont even get me started on those type of people. No it doesnt have one. Its a movie just made to insult the people who went to watch it. Thats its deal. To make no sense. And keep you wondring yourself to try and think out what it really all meant. When it has no meaning really. Why pretentious asshats enjoy movies like that. So they can feel like smart people when they're just idiots lmao. Why the fuck am i ranting? Jesus christ send help. I think im broken again

  • NeroSATx


     2 months ago +1

    After 30 years, Kubiac finally gets some love.

  • Jackie McCann

    Jackie McCann

     3 months ago

    I didn’t realize that this movie was hated, either. The SyFy channel sequels, I can understand, but the original is a lot of fun, and Betty White is a goddamn treasure.

  • Jacob Pulman

    Jacob Pulman

     3 months ago

    Anaconda is amazing

  • Anthony Jordan movies and more

    Anthony Jordan movies and more

     3 months ago

    I'd rather see R-rated film like this be a little bit too tame then go the route of the Syfy channel seat walls which up to the gore to an unbelievable cartoonish level

  • BigLorde BunnyRabbit

    BigLorde BunnyRabbit

     3 months ago

    My older brother used to torture me with ghostbusters 2! He recorded it off Comedy Central with the commercials and watched it daily. He even made his own proton pack too.

  • Gary Sanchez

    Gary Sanchez

     3 months ago

    I remember this movie!

  • BrandonOfJapan


     3 months ago

    Lake placid is a classic we all already know, wanna hear about a black sheep? TALK ABOUT PRIMEVAL YOU CUCK! GUSTAV THE FUCKIN LEGENDDDD

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Alukard TheDeathknight

     3 months ago

    Lake Placid love it just a great movie it is in the rest of my classic collection of DvDs.

    The sequels that followed .... well fuck no haven't watched any of them

  • Tripper Harrison

    Tripper Harrison

     3 months ago

    I actually thought lake placid was pretty entertaining.

  • Bruokoli


     3 months ago

    You hardly give any examples to argue your opinions except for the funny guy parts

  • Jeremy Ray

    Jeremy Ray

     3 months ago

    Also using like known actors not the B actors in everything. They do okay with what they got I think Corin Nemec is in many of them.

  • Snap devastator

    Snap devastator

     3 months ago

    I see a adorable lizard

  • JaybayJay


     3 months ago

    Bridget Fonda was hot in this film. I loved Kelly and now neurotic it is.

  • bentep0511


     3 months ago

    Watched it as a bunch when I was a kid because my mom bought it less than a dollar (VCD). It was fun.

  • Shelley Elise

    Shelley Elise

     3 months ago

    I watched Lake Placid for the first time in its entirety last week after nearly 20 years of nightmares caused by my parents thinking it was a good idea to let me watch it at 10 years old...I started screaming bloody murder and bawling when i saw the man bit in half and we shut it off. I couldnt sleep, I was terrified of swimming in lakes, I had frequent nightmares for years, and still one or two a year in my adulthood, as recent as last month...after which I decided to face my fear and watch it. Im happy to say its far less traumatizing and horrific now than when viewed through 10 year old eyes! I had been remembering it much worse than it was and my nightmares were so exaggerated and graphic compared to the actual scene. Im really happy I decided to give it a chance, and I just finished binging the entire series! Huge fan now!!!

  • El masca Vidal

    El masca Vidal

     3 months ago

    Lake Placid was a cool funny movie 🎥.... Two 👍🏻up