Game Theory: WARNING! Loot Boxes are Watching You RIGHT NOW!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 14, 2018
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    In our last episode, I talked about how loot boxes are used to hack your brain. It turns out that this may be the least of your worries. In fact, there may be something much more sinister going on that deeply affects your individual privacy. Get ready, Loyal Theorists, because I'm gonna reveal how loot boxes are used to SPY on gamers!

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  • King Luigi

    King Luigi

     a years ago +29762

    What a geniune apology that was. You can really see that it comes from his heart and he realized he made a mistake. #matgang4life

  • Tranzlucent


     23 hours ago

    I’m a Logan Paul fan and I love you but I hate you😂😂

  • Charlie the Champion

    Charlie the Champion

     3 days ago

    Arcades are just casino’s for kids

  • Creeps Jr

    Creeps Jr

     4 days ago

    Fxk gamevil

  • Moonstone UniDia3548

    Moonstone UniDia3548

     6 days ago +1

    Yikes welp now I gotta go buy some mine coins so then I don’t waste money on this

  • Dakota Ball

    Dakota Ball

     6 days ago

    the bite of 1987

  • Boss c Rico

    Boss c Rico

     14 days ago

    Get this I had bought a d.l.c pac and it had gave me the kerb and I was greeted with 5dt/><[]^ERROR** and I lost it cuz it cost me $45 just for it to crash and a year later I got on its file with the internet and the ERROR block had been lifted tell me what u think

  • ProFlame Gamer

    ProFlame Gamer

     14 days ago

    This is why you should switch to emulators cause if a great console comes out a few months later an emulator for it comes so why bother

  • Emerald Nickel

    Emerald Nickel

     21 days ago

    Fatpat... nIcE

  • Evelyn Brandon

    Evelyn Brandon

     28 days ago

    I LOVE Game Theory and I got a theory for ya: is there a connection between Baldi and the Player and if so, is it strong?



     a months ago

    What was the beginning for?

  • Kevin


     a months ago

    Its one thing to do loot boxes but another to make it where you have to buy them to get things that should be naturally apart of the game or not have a fair way to get them without paying. That same slippery slop is the same one we face with gun control, or making exceptions for those who want to be different and have yhe same rights as anyone else. At some point America will no longer be America because everything we do will be regulated.

  • TheFireMonkey9


     a months ago

    Hey, woutn’t ya’ know it. This video came out on my birthday. (I had to tease you Matpat, perfect opportunity)

  • Human #753

    Human #753

     a months ago

    I can’t tell in the intro was real or a joke

  • DirectalArrow


     a months ago

    ahem* Loot boxes are now in mario kart mobile

  • kappueki neko

    kappueki neko

     a months ago +3

    Imagen if steph walked in on the first bit and was like "what did you do now Mathew Patrick"

  • Floated artist

    Floated artist

     a months ago +2

    Me- a cheap person:


  • Caffeine Sleep

    Caffeine Sleep

     a months ago

    The last thing was a "lute" box. #guitarplayer

  • Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards

     a months ago +1

    When it comes to inn app purchases, I only buy things with in game currency that I get by playing the game and not buying, like I'm battlefront (btw you were using their prize crates for the majority of the video) the more you play the more points you get per battle. The more points you get for that battle the more in the money you get, even thought I'm never that good, I will never surrender to in he purchases ng with real money. You say that's madness? You say it's insanity? No my friends, THIS! IS! WILL OF STAINLESS STEEL! (because it's better than iron.)

  • Melissa Nolan

    Melissa Nolan

     a months ago

    I dont open packs i by the card of line