US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • From U.S. Marine infantryman James Laporta breaks down famous scenes from war movies, including 'Jarhead,' 'Stripes,' 'Hacksaw Ridge,' 'Heartbreak Ridge' and 'Full Metal Jacket.'

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    US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ
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  • D B

    D B

     7 minutes ago

    Hollywood is Great when it comes to feeding the meatgrinder with young, naive kids who whatches these movies...

  • Zack Bobby

    Zack Bobby

     an hour ago

    I read a book written by a Marine who served on Iwo Jima. He said they NEVER wore their chin straps in combat, because they had scene guys getting hit by Japanese mortar fire, who otherwise would have been alright, had their heads ripped off when the concussive blast (which is of course much larger than the "kill radius" of an explosion) caught up inside their helmets. Their chin straps were so good at keeping the helmet on their heads, that they would keep their helmet on the head even if that meant taking the head with the helmet when it left the body. I always thought movies were just trying to look cool when they undid their chin straps until I read that book.

  • Badrice


     3 hours ago +1

    Interesting. In Air Force basic our newbies were called the "Rainbow flight" this was simply due to no one having uniforms yet. Was always fun to see where people were in training based on haircut level and name tags etc.

  • Emilie


     5 hours ago

    Jodies are a thing in the Army, too. I think it might be for all the arms.

  • Mitchell Doub

    Mitchell Doub

     6 hours ago

    James, as I am also a former Marine. served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Everything you have stated is true. And watching this Video brought back some many memories.
    Ive got the privilege to meet R. Lee Ermey when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton. It was a huge Honor. Semper Fi

  • Jezz Dogg

    Jezz Dogg

     13 hours ago

    Fake marines going and fighting for jewish interests

  • JustaDeadchannel


     14 hours ago

    9:00 i shot with one of these! M48A5!

  • Jimmy T

    Jimmy T

     17 hours ago

    When I was in PI, Drill Instructors did touch, not frequently, but enoiugh to let you know they did not make empty threats. I worked Recruit recieving. I walked the metal tables for those who were there. Maybe today they do things a little easier. It would not surprise me.

  • Matthew Perez

    Matthew Perez

     18 hours ago

    they’re feeding the marines good these days

  • Jacob keyser

    Jacob keyser

     19 hours ago

    Yah. Military is not for me. Glad I do t even qualify for the draft. Thank god for a numerological condition

  • brad buckman

    brad buckman

     20 hours ago

    all be it that he was accurate, I don't think we(those who served, especially in the Marine Corps) should ever tell the tales of what really happens. We train the way we train, no one else needs to know what we do and why we do it. If they want to know, then they need to sign the dotted line. that is all.

  • Tobe Evans

    Tobe Evans

     21 hours ago

    Hacksaw Ridge was such a good movie IMO. Andrew Garfield made a great Doss.

  • Oscar M

    Oscar M



  • Oscar M

    Oscar M


    Is the reason his voice bad cause he was yelling in the way

  • Kate O'R

    Kate O'R


    Murderer reviews scenes of inhuman treatment and institutional torture / GQ

  • ratbrain



    My dad was a DI in ww2. He is a combat marine of Iwo Jima and Guam. He had PTSD when people didn't even know what it was. He was a hard man till he died at 92. He told me one day when he was 90. " I can still fight". Me and and my 3 brothers were actually kind of scared of him. That war gave him nightmares for years.

  • Cobbsta



    He looks like the nicest guy to have ever enlisted, picturing him being hazed is like picturing someone punching a dog.

  • Elizabeth Wagner

    Elizabeth Wagner


    My grandfather an: eighth and I, china, drill instructor, & master Sargent Marine. He use to point out when movies used actual Marines vs. actors & if movies were accurate

  • mr paccy money

    mr paccy money


    I want to join the us marines cos our marines here in our country is nothing. We couldn't even defend our own teritory in the sea.

  • Lita Rumler

    Lita Rumler


    No Major Payne review!????? Bring him back for that!!!!!