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  • Published on:  Friday, March 15, 2019
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    Check out Utah Highway Patrol's best moments - from a multi-state car chase to busting a drug trafficker on his birthday. #LivePD
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  • A&E


     3 months ago +225

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

  • Coletta Hughes

    Coletta Hughes

     3 hours ago

    "Utah Highway Patrol"... Now, why does saying that just crack up this Californian LOL?

  • Frost Outdoors

    Frost Outdoors

     3 hours ago

    Officer: this is your last warning ....

    5 seconds later

    Gives them another warning.


  • Colby Masao Danley

    Colby Masao Danley

     6 hours ago

    The dogs like let me bite someone!!!

  • Jonathan De alba

    Jonathan De alba

     9 hours ago

    Dog nose : personal use of marijuana

    Cop nose : 66 pounds of marijuana


  • Ben Yoshi

    Ben Yoshi

     13 hours ago

    Cartel?? Oh yeah...hes dead

  • Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys

     15 hours ago

    I need to go poo-poo officer. 🥴

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

     22 hours ago

    is it for real?

  • ozone1313


     22 hours ago

    Great spike strip deployment!

  • ruffio72



    Anyone else notice the fifth of wild turkey when they search the last one? Classic. RIP HST

  • I M A QYN

    I M A QYN


    Another illegal that can't even speak proper English with 5lbs of cocaine...

  • Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews


    The lady in the RV with all the weed definitely dumped some sort of opiates or hard drugs in the toilet when the trooper let her use the bathroom. You can hear the opiates in her voice, not to mention immediately requesting bathroom when trooper says he'll be searching




    People in the white rental car.....we'll see you much much later on!

  • Tea72



    66lbs of marijuana for personal use lmfao.

  • Joe P

    Joe P


    Heisenberg was definitely part of this.

  • Diane Jackson

    Diane Jackson



  • Troy Graham

    Troy Graham


    I like how these cops find this so amusing!



     2 days ago

    The worst thing isn't getting caught red handed. The worst thing is getting caught by those bloody mormons (clowns amongst religious groups).

  • D.L. Starling

    D.L. Starling

     2 days ago

    ooo si si. esparanza de la juarez. yo soy cocoracha en espaniola.

  • BuffAzi


     2 days ago

    Person of interest watchers know about the dog gang gang