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How to get 2000ºF Solar Power The King of Random
6 years ago
Convert a junk TV into a 2000ºF solar cooker. Here's a technique for hacking a 4 foot mega magnifying lens out of your old TV, ...
Powerful Desktop "Solar Scorcher" The King of Random
1 years ago
Ever wanted to set the mega solar scorcher on your desk? Let's build a mini one that can. Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
🔥Solar Scorcher Torture Tests The King of Random
1 years ago
In today's in video, we're taking your requests and putting the mini solar scorcher to the test! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
MEGA Solar Scorcher Upgrade The King of Random
1 years ago
In today's video we're giving the mega solar scorcher a much needed upgrade! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
Mad Science: MELTING Metal with Sunlight The King of Random
2 years ago
In this video we put the solar scorcher to the test, to see if it will melt metal. Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power!! The King of Random
6 years ago
Melt a stack of pennies, burst a glass bottle, damage various food items, and incinerate wood using the power of the Sun! This 4 ...
Will The Solar Scorcher Light Thermite? The King of Random
2 years ago
Let's win a Streamy Award! We can win if we have your vote! Thermite needs temperates around 3000F ...
How To Make An Electrical Arc Furnace The King of Random
4 years ago
How to hack flashlight batteries and a fire brick, into a desktop arc reaction chamber. ...For hobby metal melting, and for science!
The Electric Deck of Cards The King of Random
6 years ago
Here's how to make a deck of cards that will pump out a shocking 330 volts of electricity. Stuart Edge used it in his "Electric Shock ...
The Metal Melter The King of Random
6 years ago
Here's a microwave oven transformer that's been modified into a dangerous little device. Now it can pump out 800 amps of ...
Cooking STEAK with Sunlight The King of Random
1 years ago
Today we're cooking a steak using only solar power with the solar scorcher! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
Make a Solar Cooking Frame for Cheap (Fresnel Lens Frame) The King of Random
6 years ago
Here's a way to frame your Solar Scorcher (Fresnel Lens) in under an hour, and for less than $8!! This design for a custom ...
When 2000°F Solar Power Hits a Block of Dry Ice The King of Random
1 years ago
In today's video we're placing a block of dry ice directly in the path of the solar scorcher to see what happens! Does it absorb the ...
Solar Death Ray 10,000 suns 48" DIY Giant Archimedes Parabolic Mirror Reflector GREENPOWERSCIENCE
6 years ago
This solar ray of Archimedes styled death is how he would have use dthe power of the sun for solar thermal applications Low cost ...
FRESNEL LENS EXTREME Solar 3000˚ F Sunlight Melting a Burning Stuff with the Sun GREENPOWERSCIENCE
7 years ago
This is our extreme solar fresnel lens in action. I have a GIANT Lens that is even stronger but this spot fresnel lens works perfect ...
Solar Scorcher -- Tests heating water John Harmon - Cold Creek Works
5 years ago
Solar scorcher that I finished building. Fresnel lens came from a free, 50" Toshiba rear projection TV. Framed up with 2x2, but I still ...
Spectralon-The World's Whitest Material vs Giant Solar Scorcher—Will it Heat Up? The Action Lab
4 months ago
In this video I see what happens when I shine my giant solar scorcher on the world's whitest material, called spectralon. Will it ...
SOLAR DEATH RAY WATER aqua lens with 1/3 Kilowatt Heat Energy grid free energy GREENPOWERSCIENCE
8 years ago
This solar water lens that is almost 30 inches in diameter is grid free energy and can burn through wood quickly. It delivers a very ...
We Shot Bullets with SUNLIGHT The King of Random
11 months ago
In today's video we're seeing if the mega solar scorcher has enough power to fire a .22 round! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
11 years ago
Solar Fresnel Lens used for steam engine power and steam production. Two differnt Steam engine models.
Solar Scorcher Fireworks The King of Random
6 years ago
The neighbors called the fire department after the part at the end. Have a happy, and safe, 4th of July! ..and Happy Canada Day to ...
We test the Solar scorcher! Does it actually work?? The Man Cave
1 years ago
I managed to pick up an old projection TV from the garbage and thought it would be a cool experiment to test if the claims of Grant ...
Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror? The King of Random
2 days ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: In today's video we're taking a comment request from you asking if the solar ...
How To Make A Real SOLAR DEATH RAY Nick Uhas
2 years ago
The Mini Solar Scorcher Levi Werner - Unexpectedly Random
1 years ago
In this DIY style video, we make and test the mini solar scorcher. This design is a little different than the original from The King Of ...
solar scorcher Dave Nooner
1 years ago
Gage and his amazing solar scorcher. Doing some wood engraving with the sun.
Solar Electrical Experiments The King of Random
4 years ago
5 random experiments with solar electric energy, ranging from charging smartphones and making hydrogen powered bottle ...
Solar Scorcher or Death Ray BalloonMan67
2 years ago
The idea came from "The King of Random" Grant Thompson. I don't have the exact measurements as he did nor do I have the ...
12 years ago
Fresnel optical lens 43" X 33" SPOT SOLAR FRESNEL LENS acting as a solar scorcher. ...
How To Build A Fresnel Lens Solar Scorcher From A Junk TV !! Jennies Garage
5 years ago
How to make a solar collector and concentrator from the fresnel lens that is found on many old rear projection televisions. I made ...
fresnel lens 10 YEARS AGO greenpowerscience solar scorcher death ray GREENPOWERSCIENCE
2 years ago
10 YEAR OLD VIDEO solar scorcher, fresnel lens, death ray, greenpowerscience 10 year anniversary.original video is here: ...
Fresnel Lens Solar magnifying glass for optical scorcher GREENPOWERSCIENCE
8 years ago
This is the new Fresnel lens we have been working on. This Fresnel UV resistant solar lens ...
Dan Rojas Fresnel Lens Framing Artwork and Mirrors Solar Oven Solar Scorcher solarscorcher frame GREENPOWERSCIENCE
6 years ago
This is the best way to Frame stuff Fresnel Lenses, REALTIME VIDEO. Solar scorcher frame. This was shot during a typical day at ...
Solar Scorcher Fresnel Lens Peeling a Hard Boiled Eggs GREENPOWERSCIENCE
9 years ago
HAPPY EASTER Hard Boiled Egg Fresnel Lens also known as a solar scorcher. Music
Solar Scorcher Test Chappers' Photography
2 years ago
Solar Scorcher Test This video shows the first test of my newly built Solar Scorcher. There will be some more videos to follow, one ...
Solar Scorcher v.i.pfighter
5 years ago
Science project to melt copper.
Solar Scorcher Tezlaze
6 years ago
This is a solar scorcher I made with a fernell lens. With it I'm able to light things on fire in a matter of seconds. The frame is made ...
2000º F Solar Scorcher! - Frensel lens (Overview) Super FX Tutorials
6 years ago
A like, favourite or sub is much appreciated! We bought an old rear projection tv off gumtree and hacked it open, and got out the ...
Solar Scorcher Build - Part 1 - Materials sourced Das Wookie
6 years ago
My start at building my version of the King of Random's Solar Scorcher I got the ...
Fallout 2 Unique Weapon - The Solar Scorcher SgtMustang
10 years ago
HIT THE "MORE" BUTTON TO READ THIS CORRECTLY! Damage = 20-60 Damage Type = Laser Range = 20 Minimum Strength ...
GIGANTIC Solar Fresnel Lens 64" spot Solar concrete crusher can melting with a solar scorcher GREENPOWERSCIENCE
7 years ago
This is a 64" spot Fresnel Lens with a max temperature above 3000˚F. The concrete and rock ...
Erase a Hard Drive with the sun Fresnel Lens TOTAL DESTRUCTION Solar Scorcher style GREENPOWERSCIENCE
6 years ago
Our powerful lens can easily erase a hard drive platter. The solar Fresnel Lens is being used for short projects of total destruction ...
QC#20 - Solar Scrambled Eggs! The King of Random
6 years ago
Solar power cooks 2 scrambled eggs in a flash. Check out what solar power can do: Next Video: "Hot ...
Fun with Solar Scorcher Gene Strong
5 years ago
Giant fresnel lens vs ping pong ball.
Solar scorcher in practice - camping essentials RideThroughLife
1 years ago
This video is in response to the King of Random video about it. I bought the thing and tried it out. It works very well and you don't ...
10 years ago
A small water bottle can be used to start a fire 3:16 to harness the power of the sun. This ...
Solar scorcher made with a Fresnel lens out of an a rear projector TV Michael Ellestad
4 years ago
After seeing a video by Grant Thompson of how to get 2000F solar power by hacking a giant Fresnel lens from a TV and then ...
Melting Cans with the Sun Solar Fresnel Lens Solar Death Ray GREENPOWERSCIENCE
8 years ago
Death Ray Fresnel Lens solar power FAQ"can you melt cans" This video illustrates the ease a SPOT Lens can melt and burn very ...
60 inch 16.9 wide screen Fresnel lens solar scorcher testing Michael Ellestad
4 years ago
I acquired this large 60 Fresnel lens back in May and it started out as a clear linear lens and using 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper I ...
What Happens If You Magnify the Worlds Brightest Flashlight? (Blackest Black Video Follow-Up) The Action Lab
1 years ago
In this video I took your suggestions to magnify the world's brightest flashlight with a giant solar scorcher magnifying glass!
Starting a Fire with a Magnifying Lense (Solar Scorcher) NatureMan 1
1 years ago
This video is a demonstration of me starting a with a magnifying lense. Really fun to play with, only with adequate safety or adult ...
Fresnel Lens Making a Knife Solar Metal Foundry DIY greenpowerscience GREENPOWERSCIENCE
4 years ago
Using renewable energy Knife Making from the sun, a Solar Fresnel Lens becomes a foundry for metal like Zinc as it has a lower ...
DON'T Burn GLASS Soda Bottles! The King of Random
2 months ago
Random Nation! Only 24 hours left to show your pride and check out the Stars & Stripes shirt: Today we're ...