opening safe with plasma cutter

Breaking into a massive 1000lb Safe with a Plasma Cutter TheBackyardScientist
2 years ago
That was way more work than I thought it would be! Total time to get the safe open - 3 hours of labor. hard labor. And I don't even ...
1 years ago
I FINALLY OPENED THE SAFE WITH A PLASMA CUTTER!!! Today Carter Sharer and Lizzy rip the safe open with a plasma cutter ...
What's inside a LOCKED 30 Year Old Safe? What's Inside?
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Gold Jewelry owning Alaskan grandfather hasn't opened this safe for 30 years. We step in to help! Watch our Float Plane video ...
Cracking Open a Safe | I Didn't Know That National Geographic
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Jonny Phillips enlists the help of a professional locksmith to find out if it is possible to crack a safe using just a doctor's ...
How To Open A 1,000 Dollar Safe In 4 minutes TipsNNTricks
6 years ago
Buy A Safe Here: ******************************************************************** Head To: My V-Log ...
Torch-proof Gun Safe Steel Test homelandsafes
8 years ago
We cut two small sheets of steel with a torch to show you the difference between a regular piece of steel and a reinforced piece of ...
DIY MEGA Microwave! - Microwaving a Microwave TheBackyardScientist
1 years ago
This video was sponsored by Google Science Fair. Enter the 2018 Google Science Fair at and check out ...
Handheld Induction Heater Melts a Lock! TheBackyardScientist
6 months ago
Go to to get started on your no cost Wix website today -- maybe it's for a science fair, resume, or portfolio!
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I read a myth (below) that said striking a drop of water with a hot iron and hammer will send the hammer flying. luckily I just met a ...
I Bought a $1500 Mystery Safe at an Auction & You Won’t Believe What I Found… Killem
1 years ago
I bought a $1500 mystery safe at an auction & you won't believe what I found! I found this abandoned vault on eBay and what's ...
James cutting a safe with a PlasmaCutter latexiron
12 years ago
James cutting a safe with a PlasmaCutter.
Open A Safe with a Carbide Sawzall Blade in Seconds #CarbideGauntlet Coptool
1 years ago - Challenge Accepted! The CopTool Team ...
How Easy it is Breaking Into Safe CamaroLinxs
5 years ago
Breaking into an common entry level safe is relativity easy you may need to consider alternative ways of protecting your firearms ...
What's inside a GIANT SAFE? What's Inside?
2 years ago
We CUT open a safe!?!? How easy or hard would it be for a Burglar to get into your valuable giant safe and steal your guns, ...
Traditional Gun Safe | Fail SecureIt Gun Storage
3 years ago
Gun safe Fail UPDATE! check out: ...
Crooks use saw to open safe Wcnc Newsroom
10 years ago
Crooks are caught on tape using an electric saw to cut open a safe. Police think these criminals hit businesses from Mooresville, ...
Breaking into a Government Safe Nathan Page
4 years ago
This is how you cut open a government file safe when all else fails. There was actually nothing wrong with this X10 lock but it got ...
Torch Used To Break Into Bowling Alley ATM KOCO 5 News
9 years ago
A crook brought a heavy tool to break into a bowling alley ATM just days before it closes.
8 years ago
CRATON DOORS 1 QUICK LOCKSMITH proudly presents CRATON. A metal door fabricated from heavy-duty metal gauge steel ...
How to cut with a power cutter in a safe and efficient manor HusqvarnaCP
2 years ago
See how to cut with a power cutter in a safe and efficient way. For the full user guide please go to our website ...
Sentry safe deconstruction bounder97
1 years ago
This video shows a SentrySafe being cut up with a plasma cutter. You will be surprised at how cheaply they are built.
Cracking Open a Safe Science Channel
3 years ago
A safe's lock has 1.2 million possible combinations to choose from. Good luck cracking that code! MACHINES: HOW THEY WORK ...
Cutting open our Safe! Yuki Ross
3 years ago
Well our safe broke and it needed to be opened! Links: Arctic Fox Productions Channel: ...
1 years ago
LET ME EXPLAIN WHATS GOING ON WITH THE SAFE!! I need to update you on whats been going on with the abandoned safe ...
1 years ago
THE ABANDONED SAFE HAD 1 MILLION DOLLARS!! THE FBI TOOK IT ALL!! In the last vlog Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer ...
Safe use of CNC Plasma Cutter James Devine
5 years ago
James, Sean, Dom and Roisin.
I Bought The CHEAPEST Plasma Cutter On Amazon. Is It Any Good!? Taylor Ray
1 months ago
We buy and test the cheapest plasma cutter on Amazon, and compare it to a Table Band Saw, and a Grinder as far as cut, speed, ...
ATM Torch Gang - $25,000 Reward Halton Police
6 years ago
Halton Regional Police Service in Ontario, Canada are offering a $25000 reward for information leading to the arrest and ...
Opening A 35 Year Old Bank Safe Call Me Kevin
2 years ago
If you want to see more then please leave a like, thank you! My Patreon: My Book: ...
Can You Cut Your Finger Off with a Plasma Cutter? BleepinJeep
1 years ago
In this video I want to answer the age old question... Can you cut your finger off with a plasma cutter? Plasma is in your blood right ...
Plasma Cutting: "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!" - Kevin Caron Kevin Caron, Artist
3 years ago
From - Artist Kevin Caron points out some of the mistakes to avoid when using a plasma cutter to cut ...
1 years ago
THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT'S INSIDE THE SAFE! I need to update you on whats been going on with the abandoned safe off ...
Michigan Security and Lock AMSEC Safe Opening Michigan Security and Lock
4 years ago
Amsec Safe being drilled open by the owner Dustin Jones from Michigan Security & Lock Portage, Michigan 269-290-6449 We ...
Aldi 35 amp Plasma Cutter $299 Little Aussie Rockets
4 months ago
Is It any good? Not bad at all, with a 3 year warranty this was a no brainier.
Plasma Cutter Accessories & Necessities! Everything You Need for a Plasma Cutter - Eastwood Eastwood Company
1 years ago
In this video Randy goes over all the accessories and necessities you need after buying a plasma cutter. Get Safety Equipment: ...
HOW DO I OPEN THE SAFE? (without breaking the door off) LiveEachDay
11 months ago
How do we open the safe? We've seen what other YouTubers like Carter Sharer and Carl and Jinger have done to open theirs but ...
✅Plasma Cutter: Best Plasma Cutter 2019 (Buying Guide) Review Tube
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Plasma Cutter: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Plasma Cutter ⬇️ ✅1. Powermax Plasma Cutter: ...
How to Gouge With a Plasma Cutter – Kevin Caron Kevin Caron, Artist
1 years ago
esabweldingcutting #cuttingbeast #PlasmaCutters #PlasmaCutting #ESAB #ThermalDynamics #KevinCaronArt From ...
8 months ago
Plasma Cutter: Respirator: Plasma Glasses: Plasma ...
1 months ago
Watch the Unbreakable Box Challenge ▻ And ...
Breaking into a safe in 2 minutes The Safe Keeper
5 years ago
The Safe Keeper in Las Vegas, NV demonstrates how easy it is to break into a common home safe. ...
Breaking into a car with a heavy duty plasma cutter vPerformance
2 years ago
A little experiment to see if we can break into the Astra using nothing but a plasma cutter. We do cause a little extra damage in the ...
ABANDONED SAFE DROPPED OFF MOUNTAIN!! 10,000 Foot Drop Test! DerekDesoDaily
1 years ago
Me and my girlfriend sophia found an abandoned safe in a hidden secret forest tunnel just like carter sharer , so we decide to drop ...
9 months ago
En el video les comparto una mesa para una cortadora plasma o cortadora de acetileno, es una parrilla colocada en la parte de ...
How does Plasma Cutting Work Hypertherm Asia Pacific
6 months ago
Plasma is the fourth state of matter. We normally think of three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. For a common element, water, ...
Finding the Combination to a Safe Phil Crockett
2 years ago
Forgot the combination to your safe? This video may help you out! NOTE: This is NOT a video on how to "crack" a safe. You must ...
Cut 40/50 plasma cutter gun/torch replacement /cheap consumables pete's tools
7 months ago
Cut 40/50 plasma cutter gun/torch replacement Uses cheapest consumables on the market that I could find. If you have to replace ...
SKS Props Builds a DEAD SPACE Plasma Cutter SKS Props
5 months ago
Hey guy those that have followed me for a while know that I absolutely love the game Dead Space. So I decided that I would go ...
Plasma Cutting Table - Great Way to Cut Metal with a Plasma Cutter - Eastwood Eastwood Company
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Are you tired of trying to find a safe, comfortable place to cut metal? Don't want the end of the metal to dent your concrete floor ...
VIPER CUT 30 Plasma Cutter Feature Video UNIMIG
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The all-new VIPER CUT 30 plasma cutter is specifically designed for the DIY enthusiast. With recent technological breakthroughs, ...
How to Cut Open a Propane Tank without Blowing Yourself Up homesteadprepper
3 years ago
I show how to easily remove a valve from a propane tank and cut the tank open without blowing up.
Breaking into a Sentry safe. Dan Searles
5 years ago
I forgot my combination, and so it goes.
first cut with the Amico power 50 amp plasma cutter Gary Wagner
1 years ago
set up, run down, and first cut with the amico power 50 plasma cutter.
6 Ways to Break Open a Safe!! Team Edge
1 years ago
Team Edge Merchandise! ➡ Circular Net Volleyball Challenge!
The Long Dark - How To Open A Safe Grind This Game
2 years ago
This is a quick guide to open a safe by finding the combination combo. You can use the A and D key to rotate the dial ...
Basic safety precautions of using a plasma cutter ShapeCUT
1 years ago
Plasma cutters are the most economical multi-use steel profile cutters around, however they need to be handled with care. So that ...
Checking out the plasma tips after the big safe cutting BILLSTMAXX
6 years ago
that was a lot of cutting... lets see how wore out the tips and electrode are now.