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YouTuber Grant Thompson dies at 38 l ABC News ABC News
1 months ago
The creator and star of the popular YouTube channel "King of Random" dies after a paragliding accident in Utah. #ABCNews ...
YouTuber Grant Thompson Dead at 38 | E! News E! News
1 months ago
Grant Thompson, who went by "The King of Random" on YouTube, tragically passed away following a paragliding accident in ...
Life Hacks with Grant Thompson The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
2 years ago
Life hacks expert Grant Thompson shows off some cool timesaving strategies, like turning a chip bag into a bowl and using a ...
Thank you, Grant. The King of Random
1 months ago
On the night of July 29, 2019 we lost our friend and founder Grant Thompson to an unfortunate paramotoring accident. For nearly ...
YouTube's King of Random, Grant Thompson, Dies Entertainment Tonight
1 months ago
Grant Thompson of the popular YouTube channel, 'The King of Random,' has died. Exclusives from #ETonline ...
Remembering my friend...Grant Thompson, The King of Random kipkay
1 months ago
This is my video memoriam to Grant Thompson. Grant was tragically killed in a paramotor accident on July 29th, 2019. I will miss ...
Video of 'King of Random' Grant Thompson Paramotoring Months Before Death TMZ
1 months ago
The tragedy involving the creator of YouTube's popular "King of Random" series wasn't random at all -- he died doing something ...
Making Microscopic Popcorn The King of Random
20 hours ago
Today we're taking some amaranth and trying out a few different recipes. But most importantly, we're seeing if we can make ...
Making Hamburger Sized Skittles The King of Random
3 days ago
In today's video we're taking the recipe shared by the channel Bon Appétit to make your own homemade skittles, and supersizing ...
How to Pay Tribute to Late 'King of Random' Grant Thompson Inside Edition
1 months ago
The YouTube community is in mourning after the death of popular creator Grant Thompson. Thompson, famous for the King of ...
The King of Random: From Almost Quitting to 2 BILLION Views - The Creator Journey vidIQ
3 months ago
Grant Thompson is the mastermind behind the King of Random, and this is his, animated, creator journey. ------------ADDED JULY ...
What Happened to Grant? EXPLAINED! The King of Random
1 years ago
I finally cracked the code on quality of life. My kids and wife got their dad back, I got my life back, and we're doing more videos ...
A Tribute To Grant From Fellow Creators The King of Random
1 months ago
Grant had an impact on everyone he met and worked with, and will be missed by many. We have received an outpouring of love ...
This guy makes LIQUID NITROGEN out of AIR (in his basement!) JerryRigEverything
2 years ago
The King of Random gives us an exclusive look at his LIQUID NITROGEN generator. Grant Thompson, who is the King of Random ...
DIY Escape Room: Can They Build Their Way Out? Lowe's Home Improvement
1 years ago
Lowe's has taken a vacant warehouse and created an epic escape room full of puzzles and challenges specifically designed to ...
A New Way To Cook Steak? The King of Random
Today we're revisiting some old footage and putting together a new video full of pineapple experiments- freeze drying, flavor ...
Why Did Grant Thompson's Paraglider Collapse? Growing Answers
1 months ago
TKOR - WoodysGamertag ...
To Grant, Love The TKOR Team The King of Random
1 months ago
All of us here at TKOR had the opportunity to work closely with Grant, and are fortunate enough to be part of the channel he built.
YouTube Star Grant Thompson Dies At 38 In Paragliding Accident Access
1 months ago
Grant Thompson, a YouTube personality known for his highly successful channel "The King of Random," has died at the age of 38 ...
The Quest for Clear Glass (ft. Cody's Lab & Grant Thompson - TKOR) How To Make Everything
2 years ago
Check out Grant's video for the actual glass making! Check out Cody's Lab's video for how he purify the ...
Electrocuted Prank by Grant Thompson CrazyRussianHacker
6 years ago
Grant Thompson: My 2nd channel: ...
Bullets To Bullion - A Gold Casting In Honor Of Grant Thompson (The King Of Random) ArtByAdrock
1 months ago
Hey everyone, so it saddens me to hear about Grant Thompson's passing from the YouTube channel "The King Of Random", ...
10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer! The King of Random
6 years ago
10 amazing tips and tricks you can use to impress your friends, and make your summer a little easier. Endcard Links: Auto-Icing ...
10 months ago
Grant Thompson, in Memoriam. The King of Random
1 months ago
To see a video celebrating Grant's life, please click here: It is with great sadness to inform everyone ...
Grant Likes To Make Fire The King of Random
9 months ago
In today's video we're showing you how to start a fire using the classic bow drill method! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: ...
Steam IMPLOSION Experiment The King of Random
2 years ago
This is what happens when you submerge a bottle full of steam into a bath of ice water. Boom! More experiments with Lance ...
Grant Thompson dead, what happened? Memoriam. Vitalii Tereshchuk
1 months ago
The King Of Random, Grant Thompson - dead. What happened with Grant Thompson? How did he die? ⚑ SUPPORT CHANNEL: ...
Blending Liquid Nitrogen!!! iJustine
2 years ago
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos! ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...
Silver Bullets With Grant Thompson Cody'sLab
3 years ago
The King and I get together to solve a werewolf problem. Grants video: Bonus ...
How To Make a Miracle Safe The King of Random
4 years ago
Need to hide something where no-one will ever find it? Put the odds in your favor with a simple jar of salad dressing. This video ...
Mad Science: MARIO Fireballs, In Real Life (With MatPat) The King of Random
2 years ago
Subscribe to The Game Theorists: Watch this: Pokemon Fire Swirl: MatPat and The ...
Legacy: R.I.P. Celebrities Who Died in July 2019
1 months ago
We look back on some of the lives of celebrities and notable people who died in July 2019. Our video tribute includes Texas ...
Farewell King of Random - Grant Thompson BigJon TV
1 months ago
We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet and talk with Grant at CVX Live last year. Jon really enjoyed his ...
Music Straight To The Brain? The King of Random
a months ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: Today we're opening up our mail box and checking out all the cool stuff you've ...
Grant Thompson SUCKS - WORST YOUTUBER EVER Swag Adam
1 months ago
Grant Thompson is dead. he made his last video. I haven't seen the grant Thompson death footage but I know he died while ...
YouTuber "The King of Random" Grant Thompson Dead at 38 SFTP News
1 months ago
There are no ads on this video. Contact Host - Tommy C - [email protected] ...
10 Amazing & Life-Changing Life Hacks! The King of Random
5 years ago
Boost the chances of finding a lost phone, and sleep better starting tonight, with 10 life-changing lifehacks you can use right now.
How To Make Magic Mud - From a Potato! The King of Random
5 years ago
It's mind-blowing to think this stuff is in our food! Here's how to make a glowing "magical mud" from ordinary potatoes. Because of ...
Bleaching the Color Out of Sidewalk Chalk The King of Random
5 days ago
Get tickets to CVX Live here: In today's video we're doing a few different experiments with sidewalk chalk ...
10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas! The King of Random
5 years ago
10 amazing tips and tricks for your Holiday frustrations! Endcard Links: Summer Lifehacks: Self Freeze ...
Grant Thompson "The King of Random" behind the scenes at weBoost weBoost
4 years ago
To learn more about signal boosters visit View the Grant Thompson "The King of Random" 10 Cell ...
Things I Haven't Told You (The Story of "The King of Random") The King of Random
2 years ago
This is the story of how "The King of Random" came to be, where the movement is now, and where it's going. All the things you ...
Why People Are Freaking Out On Mario Lopez, Carissa Pinkston, Child Separation, & RIP Grant Thompson Philip DeFranco
1 months ago
Hope your Wednesday is good or getting better! :slightly_smiling_face: Support the show @ and ...
Running a Tumbler for 1 WEEK The King of Random
23 days ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: Today we're taking a tumbler and letting it run for a whole week to see what it ...
Grant Thompson Paramotor Death and Others Explained In Detail By World's Best PPG Pilot Dell Schanze
1 months ago
Dell Schanze addresses the recent death of famous Youtuber Grant Thompson AKA King Of Random in a paramotor crash.
R.I.P Grant Thompson (The King Of Random) 😢 WRS Gaming
1 months ago
Social Media [email protected]_Gaming INSTAGRAM:wrs_gaming07 Xbox Live: Xa Slam King PSN:Woodrow_reviews ...
R.I.P. King of Random Grant Thompson Ecycle Nation
1 months ago
Apparently the King of Random was killed in a paragliding accident. Grant Thompson dead at 38.
What Grant Thompson Meant To Me, the king of random Mechanical Chaos
1 months ago
This man who I never met or spoke to had a large impact on my life.
The KING of RANDOM & the Hacksmith! the Hacksmith
1 years ago
Start protecting yourself on the web at or use code 'thehacksmith' and save 77% off three years ...
Grant Thompson The King of Random memories The Gripsion
1 months ago
Rest in peace My friend, My mentor.
How Grant's Knuckles Got Cut The King of Random
1 years ago
Today we're building fully functional wooden shields out of hardwood flooring, and then we're testing them out in an epic water ...
Playing With Gravity In a Tuxedo! The King of Random
5 years ago
Special thanks to SkyDive Elsinore, Karl Gulledge, and my good friend Douglas Spotted Eagle for helping make this video ...
Can You Deep Fry Bubble Gum? The King of Random
9 days ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: In today's video we're taking your comment requests and seeing how they react ...
Will A Solar Beam Reflect or Melt A Mirror? The King of Random
8 days ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: In today's video we're taking a comment request from you asking if the solar ...
Will It BLEND? - TKOR Edition! The King of Random
10 days ago
Check out our DIY Build Kits: Today we're taking 4 different things- batteries, oobleck, ferrocerium rods, and ...
"King of Random" Grant Thompson Dead at 38 - LIVE COVERAGE Agenda-Free TV
1 months ago
Grant Thompson, the founder of the popular YouTube channel "The King of Random", had died in a paragliding accident at the ...
The King Of Random, Grant Thompson, CVX Live 2017, Live On Stage Skyelines and Sunsets
2 years ago
Full credit goes to these creators for giving their time and sharing their experiences. I have left all the links to their channels below.