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Trash To Treasure - Monster Copper Cable Melt into Copper Ingots & Coins ASMR bigstackD Casting
11 months ago
Making 5 Pound Copper Ingots From Scrap Tito4re
3 years ago
On this videos i'm showing you what i do to some of the copper from my pouring videos. Check out my old video when i was ...
Making Copper Ingots mbmmllc
2 months ago
In this video Mt. Baker Foundry pours over 200 pounds of molten copper scrap into ingots. For more info please email or call: ...
Making a Copper Ingot from Scrap Wire eWaste Ben
2 years ago
My first copper ingot pour using an electric furnace and copper wire from crt tv degaussing cable and copper yoke. Check out my ...
Scrap Copper, do scrapyards buy copper ingots? Bracken Recycling
1 years ago
In this video I go over a question I get a lot, do scrapyards buy copper ingots?
Biggest DIY Copper Melt on YouTube. 60 POUNDS of Copper Into Ingots. FarmCraft101 FarmCraft101
5 months ago
I melt a bit of copper, as in 60 POUNDS. That's a lot of copper, and it's the first time that I've used this crucible and lifting/pouring ...
10 months ago
A NEW VIDEO EVERY FRIDAY SO BE SURE TO SUB & HIT THE BELL. Today i make a nice big solid copper ingot to show off my ...
Pouring 10oz Copper Bars from scrap copper wire eWaste Ben
2 years ago
10 & 11 oz copper bars are a perfect size to add to any precious metal stack. Scrapping tools, safety gear, metal melting furnaces, ...
Huge Copper Ingot - First Copper Bar Pour in Propane Furnace eWaste Ben
1 years ago
I love stacking hand poured copper bars, just like gold & silver. The propane forge is working perfectly, check it out here..
Making 5 Pound Copper Ingot From Scrap Copper Not Gold Tito4re
7 years ago
I'm Making a 5 Pound Copper Ingot From Scrap Copper. I'm Melting Copper using my metal melting propane furnace.
What Can YOU Do With Old Copper Pipes? 100% Pure Copper Ingot Melt ArtByAdrock
3 months ago
Today I'm going to melt down some old copper pipes I found at work and melt them into pure copper ingots and coins. The pipe ...
10 pound Copper Bullion Bar Poured from scrap BIGGEST HOME POURED COPPER BAR ON YouTube bigstackD Casting
2 years ago
MAKING A 10 pound solid copper bar from scrap copper . That's a big bloody bar for sure. Special thanks for the Background by ...
Minecraft Sevtech: Ages - SMELTING and FORGING COPPER INGOTS (Modded Survival) - Ep. 16 paulsoaresjr
4 months ago
Join my Discord and Minecraft servers! Let's play Minecraft SevTech Ages! In this episode, we smelt our ...
Copper Bars from Scrap Copper, Selling for Profit eWaste Ben
1 years ago
Melting copper & pouring ingots to re-sell and stacking copper bullion. Copper melting furnace - Crucible ...
Copper ingot production line铜锭生产线 Amanda Zhang
3 years ago
Our company are specializing in metal melting ,casting ,machining and so on processing equipment. We have more than 21years ...
Making 2 Pound Copper Ingot From Scrap Copper Using Metal Melting Furnace Tito4re
6 years ago
Today I'm Making a 2 Pound Copper Ingot From Scrap Copper. I'm Melting Copper using my metal melting propane furnace.
Making a Copper Ingot from Braided Copper Wire eWaste Ben
2 years ago
Tinned Copper braided wire is found in older tv's mostly. I've built up a bit so I thought i'd try out melting it down to make an ingot.
6 Metal Ingot - Mixing Metals - Trash To Treasure - SLAG MELTING -copper brass bronze zinc aluminium bigstackD Casting
3 months ago
Today i melt a heap of Slag together which contains Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium Bronze, Aluminium & Zinc. The bar came ...
Massive Scrap Copper Ingot, Cast In Petrobond Sand MeltandCast
6 months ago
I am turning 7.7 kg of scrap copper into a huge 6 kg ingot and a couple of smaller ingots. My first go with the Petrobond, and I'm ...
Copper Bar Sales on eBay update eWaste Ben
2 years ago
Hand poured copper ingots seem to sell over time. I recommend this Furnace.. It uses Propane Gas which ...
Copper Muffins - Making Copper Ingots eWaste Ben
2 years ago
Copper Ingots are starting to become a hobby of mine, scrap copper wire is abundant so i'm pouring lots of different kind of ingots.
Melting Copper Coins into Copper INGOT 1100°C+ Australian Copper Coin Melting Copper Sand Casting bigstackD Casting
3 years ago
Just a quick vid showing about 1.3 kilos of Australian Copper Coins melted into a large Ingot.
1 years ago
Today i have great sucess in melting over 4 Kilos in copper and casting a nice big mario coin a heap of coin blanks a poker card ...
COPPER INGOT FACTORY TIME! | Satisfactory Gameplay/Let's Play E20 j0hnbane
5 months ago
Join me as we explore the world of Satisfactory in this Let's Play/Gameplay! Use my Epic Games Support-A-Creator Affiliate Link ...
1000 + Degrees 1kg Copper Ingot made from Melting Down Scrap Copper Bar in my Mini Furnace bigstackD Casting
3 years ago
Please don't be discouraged by this video it was one of my first video editing attempts. My new vids are edited perfectly and I now ...
Copper Casting Ingots from Old Copper Pipe | Melting stuff Sizzle CNC
3 months ago
How to make a Copper Ingot from Old Copper Pipe. Making my first copper ingot from an old copper pipe just sitting around in my ...
Project Opportunities in production of Copper Ingots/Copper Ash from Copper Ore. Niir Project Consultancy Services Delhi
1 years ago
Y_421 Project Opportunities in production of Copper Ingots/Copper Ash from Copper Ore. Copper Extraction, Copper Processing, ...
Making Copper & Aluminium Bars to sell on eBay eWaste Ben
2 years ago
Making Copper Ingots might be a good way for some scrappers to maximise their scrap copper value. Check out my ...
Making Copper Ingots ''BABIES'' From Scrap at night ( More stocking bars for my retirement ) kassi man
1 years ago
Copper Ingots ''BABIES'' From Scrap at night stocking bars for my retirement casting copper bars at home Metal Melting Furnace ...
Making a 5lb Copper Bar GeekGuyMJ
1 years ago
CLICK ONLY IF YOU DARE!!! Using my DIY home foundry, I casted a 5 pound copper ingot bar into green ...
Copper Ingots / Bars / Bullion 5, 8, 25 Pound Bars 999CU Pure Copper Rules For Rebels
8 years ago
Displaying some of my copper bullion. I have 5 pound bars which people refer to as copper candy bars, 8 pound bars and HUGE ...
Melting 57 Copper Ingots ¦ Huge Scrap Copper Melt - 4K 2160p MeltandCast
3 months ago
A huge scrap copper melt. A total of 57 copper ingots. Melting copper from scrap and turning it into bullion bars. This completes ...
Copper Melting Furnace 911 Metallurgy Corp.
3 years ago
Use the mini gas propane kiln (for sale) as a copper melting furnace to make a copper ingot while working at home on your art, ...
Copper to the Moon! Don't Sell your Scrap Copper eWaste Ben
1 years ago
Scrap Copper Prices are rising and scrap yards want your copper very much. Why? Most likely because they want to hold it to ...
Let's Play PIXARK (Single Player)Ep.4-Copper Ingot,Strip Mining & Pteranodon Saddle AlcoholicPhoenixz
1 years ago
Remember to leave a like ♥ Subscribe: Twitter: ▻Steam Mod List: Get The ...
aluminum copper ingot casting machine Foshan Fanshun Machinery Co.,Ltd.
6 days ago
If you are interested in aluminum/copper/brass ingot casting, please feel free to contact with us!
Casting Ingots and Making Wire with a Rolling Mill - scrap copper pipe We Build Stuff
6 months ago
Recycling some copper pipe from a plumbing 'reno' and turning it into copper wire that we can use to make stuff in the metal shop.
Iran Sarcheshmeh copper complex made Copper ingot, Rafsanjan county توليد مس شهرستان رفسنجان Persian_boy
2 months ago
June 25, 2019 (Persian calendar 1398/4/4) Sarcheshmeh copper complex (مجتمع مس سرچشمه) official website ...
63 Kilo Motor Stripped for Copper Melt - Huge Copper Bar - ASMR Molten Metal Melting bigstackD Casting
3 months ago
Today i Find a big electric motor in the scrap bin and strip it down for the Copper to make a huge Copper bar. I have a PO box ...
A copper refinery produces a copper ingot weighing 150 lb WNY Tutor
3 years ago
A copper refinery produces a copper ingot weighting 150 lb. If the copper is drawn into wire whose diameter is 7.50 mm, how ...
Water Casting Copper Ingots, Shibuichi and Mini Copper Ingots MeltandCast
5 months ago
This week continues the Water Casting experiments with Copper and Shibuichi. Don't forget to like and subscribe. New video ...
5 years ago
COPPER sand CASTING INGOT PREPARATION sand mold SCRAP COPPER easy money electric melting furnace PLEASE ...
All The Mods Expert Mode - COPPER INGOTS [E04] (Minecraft Expert Mod Pack) Hypnotizd
2 years ago
Love All The Mods Expert (ATM Expert) Mode? Thumbs Up! ♥ Watch Hypno play through the All The Mods modpack on Expert ...
Making Brass Ingots mbmmllc
4 months ago
Pouring some brass ingots at our foundry. We are working on making our own brass mix at the foundry by mixing copper and zinc ...
1 years ago
Copper ingot casting machine Product features: 1. casting machine is mainly used for automatic distribution of liquid, speed ...
3 KG COPPER BULLION BAR made from Scrap Cable MELTING COPPER 1080p bigstackD Casting
2 years ago
These copper bars are SOOOO bloody cool I thought I would make another 1. This one is %10 bigger than the last bar and ...
Copper Ingot Thermo s
2 years ago
Hey guys thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.
Melting Down Copper Wire Into Ingots Molten Metal Casting
2 years ago
Melting clean scrap copper wire into ingots for future casting projects. Please consider supporting this channel by becoming a ...
Melting copper into ingots Sugastuff
2 years ago
The color of the final bar indicates that it is not in fact copper, but gold. This is because when you heat copper to a high enough ...
Melting Down Copper Pipe (And Other Items) Into Ingots Molten Metal Casting
2 years ago
Melting down copper pipe and a few other items into ingots for future casting projects. Please consider supporting this channel by ...
Molten Copper vs Copper Pennies Ingot Treasure Tito4re
4 years ago
Today im am pouring molten scrap copper on copper pennies trying to make me a nice ingot. I made sure they were all Pre 1982 ...
Addressing Copper Bullion Skeptics goldwhy
5 years ago
I'd like to address all of copper bullion's negative skeptics in today's video. Don't like copper bullion? You are entitled to your ...
Black Desert Online How to Make Ingots / Melted Shards Mekkah Deus
3 years ago
Video showing you how to create any Metal Ingot or Melted Shard in Black Desert Online. Link to quest: ...
Melting and Pouring Copper Bars and Rounds From Scrap! RobFindsTreasure
8 months ago
Turning Copper Scrap into Copper Bars - Melting and Pouring Copper! Since I had a viewer send some scrap Copper to me to ...
Pouring A Copper Ingot ICANBARK95
9 months ago
Pouring a copper ingot. Made the foundry from an old oil-fired furnace. This foundry melts aluminum very easily so I wanted to try ...
All The Mods Expert :: Ep 2 :: Copper Ingots!! Eternal
2 years ago
All The Mods Expert takes you through a unique, heavily altered progression showcasing some unique mods that haven't gotten ...
Making Bronze Ingots from Scrap Copper and Tin in the Fire Brick Foundry Furnace Paul's Garage
11 months ago
Today, I make traditional bronze from tin and copper. I used scrap copper from old plumbing parts primarily, and tin in the form of ...