The King of Random

The King of Random

00:10:18 Imagine This In Your Mouth
00:11:38 She Volunteered as Tribute
00:11:18 Well This Is Different
00:10:31 We Made a $5 Sandblaster
00:10:13 Always Wanted One Of These!
00:10:44 Micro Lightning Storm
00:12:10 We Powderized LEGO
00:11:01 We Tried Boiling Dry Ice!
00:10:03 Smash Gallium in Super Slo Mo
00:13:12 Oh! It's So Nasty Though
00:10:12 Cooking Orbeez in a Microwave
00:11:08 We're Using It The Wrong Way
00:05:15 A.I. Robots are in the House!
00:11:53 Laser Blowgun Kits for Sale
00:11:00 Boiling Green Kinetic Sand
00:17:38 One Crazy Idea we Thought Of
00:10:22 We Blended up Glow Sticks
00:10:43 Feels Like Watching Paint Dry
00:10:26 We Turned Dirt into Iron
00:10:30 Molten Metal in a Vacuum
00:13:35 We Got Beat Up By a Girl
00:12:29 She's Eating Dry Ice Bubbles
00:13:13 It Has a Secret Compartment
00:12:26 We Powderized SLIME!
00:10:02 Well That Was Anticlimactic
00:10:02 We Boiled Way Too Much
00:12:52 That's How You Carve It
00:11:31 Making CLEAR Ice [SOLVED]
00:12:47 Can You Do it Better?
00:10:31 Pour GALLIUM on Silly Putty
00:13:23 Don't Touch Red Hot Iron
00:14:37 Watch What Happens at Dark
00:10:02 Casting a Face with GALLIUM
00:10:09 Rubber Knuckle Squishies
00:10:14 We Shot Bullets with SUNLIGHT
00:14:42 There's Something Inside
00:10:51 Can You POWDERIZE Coke?
00:08:10 Enormous Stress Ball
00:10:36 Inflate Balloons by SUCKING
00:04:37 TOO Much FUN!


3 months ago

00:11:38 Ginormous Backyard Slingshot
00:08:19 Don't Melt Epsom Salts
00:07:21 Random Watermelon Smoke Flare
00:13:18 Before You Go Camping...
00:11:19 How Grant's Knuckles Got Cut
00:11:16 Try These SMOKE Bubbles
00:10:35 Melting Magnets is Weird
00:10:01 Magic Sand NEVER GETS WET!
00:05:29 Check This Out!

Check This Out!

4 months ago

00:12:30 THIS Might Not Be So Smart
00:12:07 Are BUBBLES Flammable?
00:05:36 Simple DIY Magic Lanterns